Skellies are us in 1D4+1

  • July 2, 2020, 4:34 p.m.
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The halfling and I spent nearly 2 hours searching for and making vines into rope. There was a pulley left so the 1/2 Orc made a tripod and mounted the pulley to make it easier to lower someone down to get the stone. We decided to lower the halfling into the hole. He had no problem getting the rope tied to the stone but had noticed that the hole turned into a cavern a little over 1/2 way down. We brought him and the stone up then lowered the 1/2 orc down because he has the best dark vision. While the 1/2 orc had a look around the halfling and I got some wood for torches and we waited. Worried about how long the 1/2 orc had been down there and not hearing anything I hollered if we should come down. “Hang on me look”.... it was some more time before the halfling decided to pull up the rope and we lowered him down. When the Halfling made it safely I knotted the end of the rope so it would get caught in the pulley and tied it to myself. I had slipped and luckily I’d taken up enough slack that I fell mere inches from the ground.
Untied myself and saw with my own eyes a creature in a cage. Apparently both the halfling and 1/2 orc had talked to him. I asked a few simple questions to discover he was an adventurer that had come to get the stone for the town but had been captured. I looked around the room and found a crank that lifted the cage and I let the creature out. At that point he said his name was Jaz and gave us a rind of cheese in thanks. Apparently a bite of this cheese can keep you from death. On the way back to town The halfling and 1/2 orc found a barrel and poked it for a bit. We took the barrel to a nearby ocean and cleaned it … the halfling found a pouch inside but did not share it’s contents. Then, we were ambushed by a couple of dwarfs. It was a fair bit nerving as the 1/2 orc was hit by one bolt and fell. We’d had to throw the cheese around a bit but we all survived.
Once we’d returned to town the townsfolk were very happy and threw us a bit of a feast. They also gave us a Guild Hall. The halfling and I talked to the locals about jobs once this was all cleared up. The halfling is a cook and I have leather working skills that any stable would love to have in it’s midst. Making some connections and a little bit of shopping we paid the cost to get the 1/2 orc’s soul attached to the stone and headed to check on the skeletons to the east. They had said 30-50 so we took Jaz with us. Just before reaching our destination we were attacked by an ogre and his 4 large skeleton followers. It was a bloody battle and the 1/2 orc went down. I also went down. The skeletons moved on and I was able to eat some cheese and sneak across the field to where the 1/2 orc lie. The halfling got massacred and I assume we would see him at the soul stone. Jaz managed to hurt the Ogre enough that he took off and his skeletons followed. Jaz and the 1/2 orc ate enough cheese to be okay and helpped me. We went back to town as we were in no condition to face 30-50 skeletons now. I went to our new Guild hall waiting for the halfling to show.... but instead a 1/2 elf showed up. The cleric had preformed some kind of resurrection ceremony and his soul had been placed in another body. Black hair, green eyes, 5/7 and 130lbs. Rather attractive if I must say. (he finally said his name so that I could hear it too so I can stop calling him by his race). I gave him his things and coaxed his dog into befriending him again.
We made it back out to the destination.... to find it not a monastery but a mausoleum surrounded by skeletons. They seemed to not be bothered so I grabbed a stone and threw in to the ground inside the fence. None responded. So I grabbed another and threw it at the mausoleum. Again no more movement than they had done. I gave a stone to the 1/2 orc and he hit the mausoleum and took a chunk of stone out. Then the skeletons were quick to hop over the fence and attack us. We formed a small circle back to back. Most of us died but all had fallen. When we were all down the skeletons backed off assuming we were dead. River, not dead yet, (used to be a halfling and now a 1/2 elf) was able to stabilize everyone before they bled out. I then spent some time searching for berries and found 21!.... I ate a bunch and gave the rest to the 1/2 orc. River ate a bunch of the cheese and gave some to Jaz. We then started a new tactic from the side of a nearby hill. River Shot from the cart and the rest of us formed a line. With only 4 remaining skeletons we were able to clean up pretty quickly. Once they were killed the 1/2 orc jumped in the cart and headed to the other side of the hill. River jumped the fence to see if anymore would come out of the mausoleum. I kinda stayed 1/2 way between to make sure River wasn’t attacked alone. Nothing happened and we headed back to town.
Honestly, we need to go back out there and investigate the mausoleum.... something had to be causing those skellies. We also need to name our new Guild.

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