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  • July 1, 2020, 9:09 a.m.
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From our walk on the other side of town on Saturday.

Today we start the requirement to wear masks or face coverings indoors in all public spaces here statewide. I feel for all those frontline folks that have to deal with selfish people that think it is their right to spread disease because wearing something over their face is a little uncomfortable and they are exceptional.

On account of my ankle (which is fine) and the weather I had not walked over by the track in at least a week and yesterday it was hopping. The parking lot is open, as is the field. People are working over at Under Armor. No one was wearing a mask. Until I got up by the expensive retirement community, I didn’t see anyone wearing a mask or social distancing in any way.

You would never know that our caseloads and hospitalizations from the virus are higher than they have ever been and all of our summer enrichment programs for kids and public pools are closed because… pandemic. And lack of funding.

You know, umm, catastrophic financial circumstances out there. So much suffering and hunger and uncertainty. People feeling like they don’t have options. And a lot of pent up rage.

The traffic is back at 90% of what it was before, which is intense here.

Kes had her teeth cleaned yesterday for the first time in months, Charity had hers cleaned last week. I don’t even have an appointment on the schedule. That is something I need to look into. I have become a connoisseur of floss in the interim.

It is surreal.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Diego slowly slowly is feeling better here in week three of the elimination diet. He is not throwing up food or hairballs anymore and that is great. I am spacing out the anti-nausea drug for when he really seems to need it and so he is throwing up a little fluid now and then, but my hope is to make that happen less and less.

As this goes on though it may turn me into a full-on vegetarian because their interest in what little meat or fish, I eat, is in my face intrusive. :)

I have a complicated set of feelings and thoughts about trans women.

Honestly, this is mostly based on my experience with one particular individual who transitioned later in her life and had all the privileges of a white male for all that time and the stunning confidence that comes with that. (Also, from a snarky ungenerous place in me… she writes bad poetry but gets an enormous amount of attention for and about it because people are fascinated by her.)

So last week listening to a black trans woman that works for the ACLU bring up said white privilege and the fact that it is being discussed in the trans community made me so happy.

And then last night I discovered the work of Shea Diamond. OMG…

She to me literally embodies so much of what everybody out there in the streets is yelling about. Strength and grit, survival and suffering, joy and intense silliness suffusing a powerful joy in standing tall and expressing exactly who you are at great personal risk.

Her song I Am Her is so good and shows off her amazing voice, but I want to say to all those men out there that refuse to wear masks and protect others from getting sick because it infringes on their precious rights.. listen to I Am America

and go home, stay home and take a moment to think about other people’s rights for a hot minute.

Happy 1st of July.

Last updated July 01, 2020

IpsoFacto July 01, 2020

As always, such an intelligent entry. I guess you and I know by now that we are generally on the same page about things. I so wish that someday we could share a cuppa somewhere somehow. I know that will never happen, But just thinking about it such as a warm spot in my heart. I’m glad Diego is doing so much better. Where would we be without our precious furry friends? Sending warm hugs.

mcbee July 01, 2020

That ankle, ouch! Be careful.
The men without masks is a huge problem here. I'm about to go back into quarantine until things settle down. At least 2020 is half over. Hopefully the second half will be better than the first. :)

Zipster July 01, 2020

I am so disappointed that we are back into quarantine because people can't be respectful of others and choose to follow an idiot and make it political. Instead of leading the way thru the pandemic, we are the example of the folly of idiocy.

Marg July 01, 2020

It must be so disheartening to be surrounded by people who just don’t get it and continue to flout the rules as though they don’t apply to them. Glad to hear Diego’s tummy is settling down finally!

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