3 months 18 days post op in Pudendal Decompression Surgery

  • July 1, 2020, 12:31 a.m.
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Things to be greatful for
1) Mike Shinoda announced that he will be releasing Volume 1 of an album series which will be released on July 10th. It’s a mostly insturmental album called Dropped Frames. This is music he has worked on during the lockdown which he was able to allow us to all watch him do live everyday. He takes fan suggested themes with both art and music. He’s the only thing that keeps me going some days.

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2) My aunt is helping me get the process for disability started. I realize this can take quite a long time because PN and PNE is widely unknown.
3) Got an hour ish of work done today.
4) Was able to walk to the mailbox today.
5) Was able to go through/ transfer a lot of my videos these past two days.

Bad things
1) Very depressed, and lonley.
2) The stabbing shocking pain after a BM is very scary in the morning at times.
3) I don’t trust my own body or my ability to mentally keep up with this life sentence.
4) Didn’t get any reading or writing done.
5) Living in a messy room is sort of starting to get to me. I used to be a very clean and organized person and I am living at my parents for right now so my life is really fragmented at the moment. I miss actually being able to CLEAN and organize.

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