3 months 17 days post op in Pudendal Decompression Surgery

  • June 29, 2020, 9 p.m.
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Things to be greatful for
1) I had a better day today than I did yesterday. Better mood too.
2) No bladder spasms today.
3) I got a lot done: emails out to potential therapists and I emailed Dr. Hibner. I also spoke with my aunt a little about disability.
4) The sting stab pain was not as in my face as the last two days.
5) I was able to do some reading and get outside before the rain started today.

Bad things
1) Still really nervous about whats to come with this condition.
2) I am afraid about my digestive system getting worse.
3) The sacral area really hurts. Prolly because of how I lay.
4) Really afraid that one wrong move will re-entrap the nerve.
5) Always feel like if I dont solve all the issues contributing to the nerve pain its gonna get worse again.

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