Ok, to Frazelton then? in 1D4+1

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Upon returning to camp there was another halfling named Conzins. Talking to the the driver it came out that we were on our way to Frazleton (turns out Belldenshire is the continent? country? world? and Frazleton is the town though that’s not what he said). The town had a few problems and had been looking for adventurer’s.

When we had awoken the next morning to head out we found that Chala her friend Captain and The Elf were missing. I’m sure Chala was offended by the spider eating the day before ans decided we were not the group to adventure with. Not sure where the elf went though the one halfling suspected she jumped into a hole somewhere.

We were dropped off in town in from of a Tavern called The Torture Chamber. Implements of torture were used as decorations including an Iron Maiden on stage behind the preforming bards. It was rather empty aside from the employees. The only other patron was a man in blue sitting at the bar. There was a sign in book at the door, the one halfling signed it the other didn’t. I also refrained from signing it because there did not seem a reason to do so. We ordered food that was okay. Some stew and ale… nothing crazy.

Eventually, the mayor came to speak with us. He asked the man in Blue to come over to our table so he wouldn’t have to explain things twice. The man in Blue is Pirate Blue apparently without a ship currently adventuring for a few coin. The mayor explained to us that we would be taken care of as long as we were working for him in protecting the town from 3 current threats. We would have free rooms and healing from the local cleric when we needed it as well as payment upon a task being completed. Also, for a fee we could bind our soul to a stone in the possession of the cleric. He wasn’t exactly sure it would work because no one had done it yet but after a ceremony we would be able to regenerate in the church, possessionless but otherwise alive. It would cost 50 gold and with merely 100 on me I took up the opportunity as did the halfling who’s name I don’t know.

We were told of the 3 tasks and as a group decided which to pursue. Blue was with us and made it clear that he would not vote but go wherever we did.

The three tasks were 1. To the east was a ruined monastery where there were 30-50 skeletons wondering about. They needed to be dealt with before they came too close to town. 2. The cleric had recently been victim to thievery and was missing a holy relic to God Elona. He could not make/bless any potions of healing till it was returned. He’d seen a Hobgoblin and 2 Kobalds take it to the West. Lastly, 2 houses in the town had been burned recently and the families within destroyed. 5 Knolls were witnessed ransacking and burning the places but there aren’t enough guards to deal with them and keep the skeletons out of town. They were last seen returning to their camp and the base of the hills to the Northwest.

Though I thought the choice was obvious it took some convincing for the halflings to choose to return the stone first. They both wished to check out the skeletons and get what guards we could but what use would that be if we could not heal when we died.

We prepared ourselves and headed West. We made it to a small encampment. Well it was a couple buildings and some walls but nothing near a town. We tried to be quiet but were attacked and though we killed many we were overtaken and everyone died. Blue, the halflings and myself. Thankfully I had attached myself to that soul stone because it worked. I appeared naked in a small room with a few robes on the wall. I was then met by the cleric and asked many questions. He was very pleased it had worked and directed me to go to the town hall and request assistance. I got a dagger and a suit of leathers from them, as did the halfling. While there we met another adventurer ready to head out with us. Though rather dumb this rather large 1/2 orc with red eyes and gray skin was eager to adventure and we headed out immediately.

On our way back west a shadow flew over us. Though it did not notice us a small dragon flew overhead towards the town. Further down the road we had to stop and cover ourselves in an attempt to hide from a random storm giant making his way somewhere. Though I was sure he hadn’t seen me I can’t say he didn’t see the 1/2 Orc as he held but a twig in front of his face. It did seem that the giant had looked right as him but paid him no mind. We took some time to look around the wreckage the giant had been leaving behind and found a couple clubs and something that would work as a quarterstaff. Moving forward we were ambushed by a group of goblins with dogs and I almost died before they ran off. I tried to find some kind of healing in the adjacent woods but was unable to find more than 1 good berry. So I begged to go back to town and heal. I spent the day and that night resting and the cleric came to visit to heal me up.

The 1/2 Orc and halfling decided to spend their time arm wrestling and playing cards and The Torture Chamber whild I rested. We went back out the next morning. The trip to the hideout was thankfully uneventful this time.

The halfling climbed a tree and scouted a bit. This time we managed to sneak inside of the walls and around the building before we heard their forces walking in a group to the east of the area. We had gone around to the North and they did not see us. However, the big dumb 1/2 Orc makes a ton of noise in this armor and soon we were nearly surrounded. The halfling and I managed to hide as the Orc pretended to be one of them. By a stroke of like the guy in charge had been waiting on a new recruit and the 1/2 Orc convinced him he was it. He explained he was late because he’d gotten in a fight on the way over. The leader of the group sent his second in comand with the 1/2 Orc to loot whatever bodies had been left behind.

The halfling and I stood in silence as the group filed back into the 2 buildings. The 1/2 had been gone far too long and I began to think he was not comming back so I decided to sneak my way back out of the walls and find him. Maybe even attack the second in command while he was away from the group. The halfling and I came upon a battle that was not at all going well for the 1/2 orc abut with the 3 of us we over took the second in command and formed a plan.

We gathered wood and large logs moving quickly and quietly we trapped the evil doers in their own buildings and caught them on fire. Many died of smoke inhalation while attempting to escape but the leader managed to get out of a trap door in the roof and jump down. We hid but he ran right towards us fleeing the fire so we took the opportunity to surprise him. The 1/2 Orc fell again as the halfling and I used everything in our power to fell the angry Hobgoblin. Upon success we decided to make camp and wait for the fire to go out to look for the holy relic in the ashes.

Sifting through the smoke and ash we found a hole in the ground I also found Blue’s sword and kept it for myself. The 1/2 Orc found some elven armor which honestly does not fit him well but it’s a ton quieter. This hole was where they’d hidden the relic and now we have to figure out how to get it out. All we have is 50 ft of rope and it’s 100 ft down a 2ft by 2ft hole.

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