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  • June 18, 2020, 12:15 p.m.
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A few weeks ago I went and walked around an historical district. There are a few buildings there where you can take tours, but they are currently closed for tours due to COVID. But the Glessner House had their courtyard open, which looks like this.


And they had a life size cardboard cutout of our mayor, warning us about social distancing.



Things are gradually re-opening, but I’m still being cautious and I’m not out running around everywhere. I did, however, go to one particular neighborhood a few days ago and trek around.

I saw this painted on the outside wall of a candy store.



And then there is this particular store. This is their sign.


And they sell these masks.


I saw this sign in a greenhouse at a gardening store.

J.E. June 18, 2020

Monkey puzzle?

Ferret Mom J.E. ⋅ June 18, 2020

It's a type of tree, apparently. I had never heard of it either.

J.E. Ferret Mom ⋅ June 18, 2020

Me either!

ConnieK June 18, 2020

"Monkey Puzzle" is covering up the original word: "pricks".

music & dogs & wine June 18, 2020

Pew kills me. Every time I say, "just shoot me" about something Kev says "pew pew!"

I like the "don't drink bleach" masks!

DefyingRules June 19, 2020

I may need to hunt down that store! Too fun!

queenofegypt June 20, 2020

Candy IS the answer!

Haha, pew, pew, pew.

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