First leg to Belldenshire in 1D4+1

  • June 17, 2020, 9 a.m.
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Headed on to Belldenshire on wagon. 2 day ride. First night the rather indifferent driver pointed to the woods and said ädventures that way”. Challa and her wolf companion Captain … they headed straight in and I followed. I’ve met them before (We have yet to determine how well I know them). The female elf and male dwarf came as well and the halfling followed reluctantly.
We came to dilapidated stone house with holes in it and out came some spiders. I note here that the Dwarf practically disappeared and the halfling was a bit cowardly. Challa, Captain and the elf all became paralyzed but recovered just after the 4 spiders had been dispatched. The halfling cooked the spiders and they tasted a lot like crab from the ocean. Challa did not partake, as I remember she a vegetarian which of course makes complete sense because she’s a Druid.
We decided to check out the house the halfling and Elf went around back, the Dwarf to the left and Challa, Captain and I to the front door. Captain went in first and seemed to have smelled something odd so I readied my bow. Once inside we saw a pile of Mushroom goo. There was a battle. I didn’t get to fight most of it cause the dwarf was in my way. I tried to push him but he was astonishingly solid. The elf lost her armor, it literally rusted right off and through the course of events another mushroom ooze thing showed up. This one only the elf could get to because she was blocking the doorway. Eventually she moved and I got in the room and through the doorway Challa and Captain gave it a few licks too. The Dwarf and the halfling decided to go upstairs while us girls took care of the slime.
We then took some time to do some first aid to our wounds when another slime dropped through a hole in the ceiling. After dispatching it we decided to search the room we made as much noise as we could throwing things about as if there were more battling happening. We also searched the smaller room found a trap door and then decided to head upstairs with the guys. However, as we were on our way up they were on their way down. They had taken care of whatever was up there. I tried to convince them that we had more battling down here but with the lack of bodies they were not convinced.
The dwarf unlocked the trapdoor and as we pondered how to go about going down the hole the elf jumped in. Inexplicably, she was blown by a force back to the ledge. The halfling decided that we should gather kindling and we all went upstairs for books. While we were up there we spent some time searching and the dwarf found a bag of gems worth 3,000 gold or so. Honestly, he could just stop adventuring after this but then he’d never know what was below. We took some books downstairs and one by one the halfling set them alight and threw them in. There was a blast of fire. Apparently the mushroom oozes were flammable and there were 4 below. Once the fire cleared, we used rope to lower the halfling and myself to the bottom. 120 ft down. Then they took turns climbing down having tied the rope to a door.
Below was a cage, magically imbued to keep the spirit that was in it within it. Challa had found a key in her searching and the halfling used it to unlock the door and though he was successful the key broke in the lock but he’d let the spirit out. That was probably a bad idea as the spirit then befriended the halfling, the dwarf , and Challa.... Challa even attacked me once. I managed to get the broken key from the confused looking halfling and I tried to attack the spirit with it. The elf started successfully ripping the cage apart to use as clubs. During the battle the dwarf was taken to the spirit realm and with him the gems he’d found. We searched the room and found another trap door under the cage. The halfling suggested burning the board and the door was accessible after. We opened it to find 6 master craft jewels below. I snatched 2 right away.
We made our way back to camp.... and that’s where we are.

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