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  • June 15, 2020, 5:58 p.m.
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well tomorrow will be.... and we still find ourselves looking for him, or thinking we see him out the corner of our eye.
Our friend M (i’ve mentioned her before… bossy friend..) started sending me links on FB to an out of town cat rescue like 4 days later.... and was constant on it for like 3 days.... We just were not ready, it hadn’t even been a week.....
We had him cremated and I had the call that Friday to pick up his remains. They also included a clipping of his gorgeous fur, and several paw prints, which is great, cause D wants to use one for a tattoo.
I thought I HAD found two new bebes via the place mentioned above, but one of them was already spoken for. Though I have been still looking at the other one (all black but a tiny spot of white on his chest and very faint tabby stripes in his black fur), but I want to see the rest of the litter, and seeing as she (M) said she would take us out the where these ppl are located to see kittens (fosters all so appointments have to be made after application is completed), but she hasn’t even been able to hold commitment to come into town to drop off earrings I ordered from her last month that she said she would be coming in with 3 times now.... wishing she had just mailed them at this point…

Got called back to work Saturday… was EXHAUSTED when I got home and it was only a 10-6 shift, had yesterday off, back today from 12-6 and the next two days I am running solo.
we’re only open from 10-6 as it is, but not that Boss lady got the ok to bring me back sooner, they want the store open 7 days.. so we will be both doing solo days. She did Sunday this week and then Thursday is my next day off.

I need to start saving hard core for a new couch. I want a daybed from Ikea that pulls out and has 3 drawers for storage, and I missed out on 3 of marketplace because they sell so fast. I thought i had landed one with mattresses and all, and the lady was holding it for me till the following day, but then msg’d later to say she was no longer selling cause her cat sprayed it.... D figures she sold it......

Muffin Princess June 16, 2020

How insensitive of your friend to push you into getting a new cat before you were ready. You need time to grieve! We were the same when Harriet died, kept thinking we could see her or hear her. It takes a while to get used to them going 😔

Canadian Lass Muffin Princess ⋅ June 18, 2020

it really is, especially with how long i had him... D was gone early sunday for Airsoft and so was gone before i woke up, and when i came out and realized he'd left already my first instinct was to tell Fe "looks like it a momma /fefe day"...
i may or may not have my eyes on a lil bro and sis though... not link my chances as i know the place is overrun with applications atm..

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