D&D.... 3rd attempt take 1 in 1D4+1

  • June 15, 2020, 9:43 a.m.
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Today we play D&D. The beginning of something awesome I hope. T wants to run it 3e .... not 3.5.... but 3. It took be a fair bit of time to find where to make my character .... and I’ve written some things down. Pretty much done with it aside from putting it to paper.... just want to run some things by the DM before I’m solid.

Rocky hasn’t even looked at the stuff yet. So we are going at 3 in order to make his character to be ready to play at 4. ..... Then we have the GURPS game Tuesday. …

I’m not sure if I’ll like Luke. T made a group chat message thing and I asked the group where I could find a 3.0 pdf and Luke was all “google 3.0 DND pdf”.... so he honestly thought I wouldn’t do that first.... then on top of that he sent a screen shot of the actual search to show the first few links. The first one showed a 3.5 handbook so I responded with “Yeah? that’s exactly what I’m saying. No matter what arrangement the words are in I keep coming up with 3.5 and no 3.” I never did actually find a pdf but found the 3.0 info on D&D wiki. It’s missing stuff for sure. Like in 3.5e the descriptions of races gives attitudes of the race.... like elves pretty much thinking they are better than other races..... and stuff like that. That’s what I have to talk to T about. .... my character has skills based on the backstory and I need to establish that before I’m solid. Honestly, if he “won’t allow” the backstory in his world..... I’ll have to play something random and learn to make it my own.

I don’t know if I’d put this in here before but I”m looking at doing the Half-Elf Ranger I’d tried to play with Krystal and William (5e) where we played like 3 times with Hank before it fell apart.....

(Name here that I’ve got to make up today) is a Half-Elf. Her mother and father were elves. Sounds odd I know but I only found out the truth as I was leaving (elf city where I lived). I lived with them until I was 10. My “father” spent a lot of time with me in the last year. Teaching me things about the woods. My mother thought he might have actually come to love me she seemed happier. I was a sheltered child. The only friends I was allowed were a group of half elf siblings in another family. My father would always say I was their child when dignitaries came calling because the family had many such dirty children and they felt sorry for me so the let me hang around. Once, my father had taken me on a trip, given me a letter and left me in the woods. The letter was from my mother to some man I’d never met. I have not opened the letter because it’s not for me and I intend on finding this man someday. However, I have no idea where we were supposed to be going or where I was at all. With the skills taught to me by my father I stayed in the woods and found freedom I do not wish to be rid of. My “father” had told me the truth about my birth on the ride on the first day of travel. He is some sort of political dignitary and is ashamed that while on a peaceful mission to (major human city here) my mother took the boring hours of loneliness and found a human lover. So he got rid of me. I hate him for it but I know it was best for my mom’s sake and my little brother (full elf) who would only suffer by my being there.

Foofah June 16, 2020

My Husband is 40 and has been playing D&D since he was 12 or 13. We've been together for almost ten years and he's wanted me to play that whole time. I finally gave it a try and one of the other, more experienced players, was really rude to me for not throwing down a spell when I "should" have and ever since then I have had zero interest in playing.

JHkerriokey Foofah ⋅ June 17, 2020

Jerk! I mean you can play however you want. Especially if you really have no idea what your doing. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I hope you give it another try sometime :)

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