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  • June 15, 2020, 7:03 a.m.
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I’m doing alright! Just some really busy weeks at work lately, running around like a headless chook trying to get as much done as possible, and mostly succeeding, but man am I rushed? Even my lunchbreaks are spent printing tickets because I won’t get time to do them otherwise. I finally replaced the data stripping in the vitamins section because no-one else has been bothered to do it for months now and it’s just looked messy as fuck. So I knuckled down and did it first thing Saturday when I arrived. Anyway, work’s busy, shifts go fast because of it, that’s good.
Gym’s reopened, thank fuck. My mental health can gradually ease it’s way back to where it should be. Everyone’s memberships have been extended by one month for free because we are restricted to when we can attend. There can only be 20 people in the gym at a time and there has to be staff there, so therefore I don’t have my 24-hr access for the time being, and I can’t workout on Sundays like I used to, because they aren’t open at ALL. So I’ve had to get used to waking up earlier on Saturdays and going before work, which is interesting. I’ve done it twice so far and there’s usually only around 8 to 10 others in the gym, notably all male until last Saturday when I finally saw a female in there, but I did think she was also a male to start with because of her short hair lol. Brande’ thinks females won’t return to the gym because they don’t have access to the showers (they are closed off, along with the water fountain), wheras us males are disgusting and think a spray of deodorant will do us fine afterward. But man, do I smell bad by the end of the work-day whilst I am limited to this or what! I am so glad to get home and jump in the shower phew!

Phil and I are ‘somewhat’ talking again. He managed to smooth things over with me by sending me a leaked Onlyfans video of a guy who lives in our suburb who I think is hot as fuck, so that was a surprise lol. Phil had his boyfriend over again on Friday but Fridays are my big shift at work and I was fucking exhausted and did not feel like responding the all the Instagram PM’s his boyfriend was sending me whilst he was in our lounge and I was in my room. Just leave me alone ergh. Apparently he wanted company while Phil was in the shower. Umm, join him? Turn the TV on? I guess I could have just not been antisocial, but hey these restrictions were like heaven for me. Actually being forced NOT to interact with other people? Yes please. I sometimes wish I wasn’t such a recluse, but it just makes sense to me. I’m not a good socialite AT ALL, and I have no idea how to make conversation (especially with strangers), plus add in my uber shyness and it’s strike three for me. I have to self-isolate for the foreseeable future? Oh.... damn. Not.

Having said that, life seems to be somewhat returning to normal, at least where I am. We’ve had a few protests happen the last few Saturdays in the city, which is nearby my work, so work had been a little busier on those days. The first one was for the Black Lives Matter movement, and the following was the Aboriginals In Detention protest, or something like that. I couldn’t attend either because of said work, but I wouldn’t have gone anyway. My social feeds have been pretty much people loudly voicing their opinions on the matters, and fair enough, but when people start posting shit like “I see your silence and I notice”, then I just tuned the fuck out. Don’t do that. You don’t speak for me. I have my opinions on everything going on as much as the next person. I just don’t have to project it to everyone’s feeds every day. We’re all part of the HUMAN race, but even saying that will set off a bunch-of-Karen’s, because “human’s don’t need a movement - black’s do!”
Ergh. Yeah. I get it. Pretty sure we had fucking Stonewall back in the 60’s and evil fucker’s still throw gay people off of roof’s to this day. There’s a lot of movements that need to happen! Anyway, it was all getting a bit overwhelming there. If 2020 could just calm down ever so slightly, that would be nice, k?

So after my fleshlight’s arrived in the mail (yes, I ordered 2 lol), my other purchase I made arrived! This one was going to be a risky one. I’ve purchased aligners, but not the super-dooper ridiculously pricey ones. I read a bunch of reviews and I decided that yeah, they could all be fake, like a lot of dodgy reviews on the internet are these days, but scattered among them were a few constructive negative ones, which I like, you know? It made them seem like they were written by real human’s who tried the product, and they’d written things like, “Yeah, these just aren’t for me” etc etc, and I thought to myself, “Well, if I hate them then I will just stop using them.”
I’ve always hated my bottom teeth and am very self-conscious of them. Not all of them, but specifically by bottom middle snaggle-tooth that juts backward and is nowhere near even with the rest of my teeth. I’m unsure if the aligners will even do anything because it seems like the tooth simply can’t align back into place, because the teeth either side of it will block it from doing so. It probably needs a pricey orthodontic appointment to be fixed properly and that’s probably what I should have done in the first place. But, I am giving the gullible inexpensive option a try first, and probably damage my teeth in the long run, but I am only on night 3 of wearing them and so far so good. I’m unsure if it’s Placebo Effect or what, but they were hard to wear on night 1 and I only wore them for 2 hours instead of the instructed 4. Same as last night - they were easier to wear this time but only the 2 hours. I knew how much my teeth would hurt when I took them off, especially that troublesome one. Tonight is the first night I’m wearing them for a bit longer, so I’ll see how I go. I’m expecting quite a bit of discomfort, but it goes way after a bit, thankfully. I was expecting these things to give me a headache, but so far so good. The ideal situation would be to wear them whilst I sleep, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible. I’m afraid that I will dream something is blocking my mouth and I’ll think I can’t breathe, and then when I try to open my mouth and realize I can’t, I’ll panic. I just know what I’m like, and I’d rather avoid that situation if I can thanks! I’ve had them in for going on three hours now, so it’s a wait and see.
How these ones “work” is they’ve sent me out three different sets of aligners, one white, one blue, one purple. The white one is the beginners one, which I wear for one month. Then I move onto the blue one, which I wear for two months, and then finally the purple one, which I wear for a further one month. The purple one also acts as a retainer after the course is up. So it’s 4 months all up, vers a more expensive-option’s 18 months. So yeah, it could just be a complete scam given how fast-tracked it seems to be, and I’m still convinced that trouble tooth can’t be aligned properly, but I am definitely feeling pressure on it, and somewhere in my stupid mind, I think that maybe the teeth either side of it are somehow aligning properly too, and that maybe this might just work? I mean, it is covering all my teeth. And the stupid thing is, I feel as though already, maybe it is doing something. LOL, I dunno. There’s that Placebo Effect hitting me again. I hope this wasn’t a bad decision and that I’ll have a dentist scolding me down the track. I just have to somehow stick with this for the next four months and see how I go.

I’m actually not minding the new revamped Big Brother. I was a big fan back in the Naughties and yeah, of course it’s not the same as it was, and the voice of BB isn’t the same, but hey, the nostalgia is there. I don’t even watch free-to-air TV anymore but I’ll stream it via my TV anyway. I actually also watched some really cute Australian TV that ABC added last night to Iview. The first was a movie called “Satellite Boy” about an Aboriginal boy and his best friend going to the city to save their home from developers, and the second was a movie called “The Little Death” (I think) about 6 different couples and the amusing troubles they face in their relationships. ‘The Little Death” was SO funny, especially when a sign-language worker was conveying messages from a deaf guy via video-link to a phone-sex worker on the phone. Who comes up with these things? And with one of the other couples, the wife had a rape-fantasy and when her husband tried to re-enact it, it went horribly wrong LOL. Hard to explain. Anyway, so that entertained me today.

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, just haven’t had much interesting to say.

Yours For Now... June 15, 2020

I did Invisalign over the last year or so, and it's crazy how quick you can see changes. I went with Invisalign because my overall bite was affected, but I think the cheaper versions do work if all you need is some basic alignment. It should be moving all of your teeth ever so slightly to make room for the one that's not in line. Hopefully it works!

KissOfLife! Yours For Now... ⋅ June 15, 2020

Thanks, I hope so! That's really cool. I've only been using it three days and I can't tell if I'm imagining things or not. Like I can see it's crooked but the feel seems to be slightly different. Oh well, early days :)

crunchie June 15, 2020

I can’t wait to hear if it works. I’ve had old school metal braces previously as I knew I would be lazy and wouldn’t follow the Invisalign rules. Very interested to see if a much cheaper version works- they quoted me $8000 (2 year treatment) for invsialign and $4500 (12 month treatment) with old school train tracks.

kmh. June 16, 2020

You were the first person I thought of when I heard about gyms reopening, I was excited for you!

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