Oh Wha A Night? in Book One: The Not So Daily Briefs 2014

  • March 31, 2014, 4:38 a.m.
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Law Prom has come and gone; the final Law Prom of my three year career... and I can certainly say it ended with some more educational examples than I expected.

After the issues previously discussed; we headed out to the Law Prom. Not surprisingly, the eye candy was... frankly, ubiquitous. The Wife kept pointing out the myriad of beautiful dresses, wonderful shoes, beautiful people... to which I suggested she see some of it from my perspective. While the dresses were wonderful, I see these same people in "dress up" constantly. I specifically drew The Wife's attention to the fact that... for the last three years, I've been surrounded by these individuals, whose beauty The Wife was significantly noticing, and yes- while they don't wear Prom Dresses (or in the case of the 1L Class: Club Outfits from Sluts 'n Whores Discount Emporium... no, that isn't mean- it is an understatement.)- while they don't wear Prom Dresses there is a reason "Naughty Secretary/Librarian/Lawyer" is a thing. That wasn't something I pointed out to make The Wife feel bad... I phrased it as a matter of "Wife- understand that, on top of the pressures of law school and employment searches, I walk around surrounded by these people every day and come home to a wife I love and find attractive... that rejects me constantly."

After about an hour of weak cocktails, it was time to find a seat. My long-time legal partner that I haven't seen all semester (Mac)? Newp- sat at the "cool" table with the Number Crunchers. Close personal friend and fellow-comic lover(Tim)? Newp- he's on a near-desperate hunt to find some tail before school ends and sat with the Power Pack. Yes- cliques and shit still exist in Professional School. So, The Wife and I were potentially screwed looking for a table... the last thing I wanted was to be forced to sit with strangers or enemies at my last Law Prom. BOOM! VP of the Student Government tells me about an empty table reserved exclusively for 3Ls. The Wife and I; my dear close friend JD, Tucker and his wife... we all got to sit together, which was great.

The lines to the drinks were insane and the music was considerably less "danceable" so... those points weren't awesome but... it was great to spend time with people. Until... things happened.


I love JD. The Wife has specifically said he and I are like the law school equivalent of SCRUBS JD and Turk. There have been multiple times where we said the same thing at the same time and/or he was thinking one thing and I did it without having to say anything... like seriously, we're scary good friends. One of the problems JD has? He's 25, never had a girlfriend, never had a date... he's worried about it, but he's also a great guy! There is this lovely friend of ours who we know kind of sort of has a crush on him... but she's not his type. She's... beautiful and a great woman... but she is loud, outspoken, sexual, strong, and deadest on going back to Colorado. JD wants to stay in Omaha or move back to Iowa and, understandably, wants his first experiences to be about emotion, friendship, y'know... quality relationship stuff. Well... this lovely woman got smashed. And Tim and Mac started REALLY LEANING on JD to make a move. They were so insistent and so... just... brutal about it... they had JD welling with tears. The Wife and I weren't going to allow that so we invited JD back to our hotel room to hang out if he wanted a polite way of saying "No, I'm not going to take advantage of this woman, I have plans." So... he accepted. He came over and we watched Anime for a few hours until The Wife fell asleep. One of those times where... even if Mac and Tim were trying to "help" JD... they weren't helping in a friend way. They weren't caring about what JD wanted, or what would make him happy, or even what he needed... they just thought "25 year old with no experience... we can fix that." So... I was thankful that The Wife was so willing to include JD in our evening beyond simply the social part of the Prom aspect.

Funny thing that I should have included earlier... yeah, while my eyes darted feverishly around the room enjoying the dresses, the high heels, the cleavage, the legs, the tight clothing, etcetera... my eyes always focused on my wife's face. Because really... as great as it would be to be with a woman with a sexy body, dress sense, someone who was willing to brush her teeth... my wife has one of the best faces ever and I am absolutely in love with her eyes... and the kindness she was willing to show JD and allowed me to show JD mattered a lot.

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