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  • May 27, 2020, 12:07 p.m.
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I have been recalled back to work. Will start back in the office June 15 (we will be 50% in office and 50% WFH and will switch back and forth). This means that I will be able to pursue Operation Upgrade while gainfully employed! I am overcome with emotion. It’s been a very difficult few weeks. And now I have a couple more weeks to prep!


Update: Sent a text to Boss who texted back immediately to say he wants to take me to lunch on Friday the 12th to go over priorities because WE HAVE SO MUCH TO DOOOOO!

Ya think? You let my job sit for 10 weeks!

No matter - I’ll be employed!

Last updated May 27, 2020

Elaine Benes May 27, 2020

Good news! Congratulations!

Ginger Snap Elaine Benes ⋅ May 27, 2020

Thank you!

plushcreep May 27, 2020

Great news. What a relief!

Ginger Snap plushcreep ⋅ May 27, 2020

It sure is!

kansasgirl May 27, 2020


Ginger Snap kansasgirl ⋅ May 27, 2020

Thank you!

Complicated Disaster May 27, 2020

They came to their senses!! Whooooooooo! xx

.allison. May 27, 2020

oh YAY!!

bobbi01 May 27, 2020

Oh that's marvellous!

.bob May 27, 2020

that is CRAZY! i am really glad for you, but what a stupid management decision. you deserve better!

The Thirsty Oriental May 27, 2020


Sugar Magnolia May 27, 2020

This is perfect.

Fred May 27, 2020

Amazing news! I hope you are more appreciated when you go back.

permanent daylight May 27, 2020

Yes! That's awesome!

Marg May 28, 2020

Oh great news! What a relief for you!

At Last May 28, 2020

So happy for you!

pandora May 28, 2020

Hooray! Congrats!

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