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  • May 24, 2020, 8:35 p.m.
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While it is not a great year for roses, the clematis are gorgeous.

I am typing this on the new laptop. Slowly slowly I am transitioning everything over and am trying not to stress out too much about the technology. I have enough of that going on with teaching online and recording classes.

This week I add the new Tuesday noon live class to my rotation and I only have 4 maybes so we shall see if it will be worth it. One good thing about teaching online is that I can teach tomorrow (Memorial Day here) at the regular time and don’t need to be concerned about the church being closed or renting studio space.

And my audience is kind of captive with all the exhortations to stay local this holiday weekend.

Mrs. Sherlock has been taking care of her 93 year old friend and is exhausted by the whole thing and bailed on our hike today. I did go for a 5 mile trek, locally, with Charity yesterday and it was fun.

One of my young neighbors who lives alone was cooking on Friday and chopped the tip off his finger and he called across the way to Charity who keeps her upstairs balcony door open and she took him up to the emergency room.

She said it was quite something, they of course had all these protocols but that there was no one there. No one. They saw him right away and sewed him up and she went back and got him an hour or so later.

If one ever doubted how important neighbors can be this is showing that doubt up big time.

If I used tabs, these would be mine right now…

The front page of the New York Sunday Times today was profoundly sobering. 1,000 names of people who have died from the virus in the U.S. And to think that 100 x that many people have died since the end of February. This is such a big deal and we have a raving narcissist in charge.

Apparently, a few demonstrators stood at the entrance of his golf club, where he has been playing golf in Virginia the last two days held that up and shouted that he was killing us today.

The Atlantic has this great series called Shadowland and the article explaining the whole thing about Q is fascinating and helps me understand a bit about what is going on.

The New York Times has an audio series called Rabbit Hole, which first I couldn’t listen to because it was all about a young man, who basically spent years obsessively watching YouTube videos and wasting his life. But then is started to explain things about the Alt-Right and these people that provide self-help and funny content to young men in particular and I have learned a lot. Like who the heck PewDiePie is, his appeal, and what is the deal with him.

I am not reading books much, mostly magazines, newspapers online and I listen to a whole lot of podcasts. Where young men may go down the YouTube rabbit hole, it is podcasts for me.

Mrs. Sherlock says that her 93 year old friend has the television on all the time and it is driving her nuts.

This is a hard time. I hope we each can find moments of grace and kindness and humor in the midst of it all.

Or at least be like our cats and dogs, a little puzzled by why our people are around so much but chuffed to have more time to make demands on them. :)

woman in the moon May 24, 2020

Clematis are so simple and pure.
It is a hard time - it varies. I hope it ends well for us.

Kristi1971 May 26, 2020

This is definitely the year for the Clemetis...all the water, I suppose. Mine was stunning this year. The blooms have already fallen off as it seemed to come so early this year, too.

janeanger May 28, 2020

The roses in West Philly are OUT OF CONTROL gorgeous this year. I don't know if it's because I'm walking more, or because they're actually better, but wow.

Zipster May 29, 2020

I don't know who Q is or PewDiePie. Don't sound like anyone I'd want to know. I think a lot of these young men don't kow what to do with themselves, and that is why they are attracted to anyone with a passion, quite often of the negative sort. They some how feel a part of it. Scary stuff.

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