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  • May 22, 2020, 5:28 p.m.
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So last night was what I call a “secret sleep night”. Basically, I put in PTO at work and don’t tell anyone. Ev sleeps at my Mom’s as if I’m at work and I come home and sleep for a solid chunk of time. I show up at my Mom’s around 6am and nobody’s the wiser.

Well, I ended up sitting out front with my (alcoholic) neighbor having a few drinks and talking.

She was in a chair kind of in between my door and my direct neighbors’ door (they’re side-by-side to where if you knock hard on his door, it sounds like you’re knocking on mine). And I was in a chair on the opposite side of my door.

My direct neighbors are 2 men. Straight men (alcoholic neighbor, Alicia, asked point-blank one night). I’ve had a few conversations with the one, David. He’s divorced, no kids, a mechanic, and a total nerd with horrible people/conversational skills. I also happen to know he’s paranoid schizophrenic but I don’t know if he’s medicated or not. I’ve never had an issue with him. He’s texted me before when I’ve left my headlights on, he’s brought packages of mine into his house on rainy days; legit no issues with him.

Well, at like 11:30, David texted me and said “it’s almost midnight and I’m trying to get some fucking sleep”. Which ticked me off. Like cursing at me wasn’t necessary. But I had already decided that at midnight I was going inside to go to bed (defeats the purpose of a secret sleep night if I don’t sleep and if I have to be at my Mom’s around 6am, I can’t be drinking all night). So I brushed it off. And it was just Alicia and I and we were just talking (I get loud when I’m drunk, but I had 2 Angry Orchards. I was nowhere near drunk).

Then it’s like 11:45 and he’s flicking his outside light on and off and on and off and on and off. I said to Alicia, “why won’t he just open the door and talk to us?”

Then the light flickering stopped.

Then his door opened, and before I could even say “hi”, we were DOUSED with warm water. I mean like he filled a damned stockpot with warm water from his sink and just threw it on us and then closed the door again.

My phone was soaked, my clothes were soaked, it was awful.

I decided to just go inside, change into dry clothes, and go TF to bed.

Alicia texts me a little while later and says she called the cops. So I sit on my steps (inside) to where I can see out my little door window and watch for the cop to come take my statement. I see her pull up, go explain what happened, and she asks me if I want to press harassment charges.

Alicia is pressing charges (they have a history and it’s ridiculous and bullshit, but Alicia hates him) and she’ll have to go to court for it.

I told the officer that I didn’t know what to do. So she’s going to call me Saturday and find out how I’m feeling and I’m the meantime, she’s gonna attempt to make contact with him. She knocked on his door last night but he didn’t answer.

So what do I do???

I live alone, with a small child. Everyone knows that. And this guy has lived here long enough to know my schedule. I don’t want things to be toxic at home. But his behavior was 150% uncalled for. The cop advised me to keep my distance and not reach out to him, which I have. But he hasn’t even sent so much as a text to say “sorry I was an asshole”. I feel like if he freaking apologized, I’d drop it. But if he doesn’t? How hard to I push? Do I contact the landlord? Do I press charges?

What would you do???

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