Ew. Surprise! in These Foolish Things

  • May 22, 2020, 12:31 p.m.
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I’m about to run out the door to meet a guy I know from the last time I was unemployed (back in 2009, I was FIRED from my beloved and highly coveted job due to a broken heart…long story, but it was beyond devastating to me). He and I were placed in a job search program created by the state’s unemployment office for high salary earners. I guess the government wanted us OFF of the unemployment line and back in Corporate America ASAP so they rounded us up and gave us coaching/group therapy to get us off of the gubment dime.

ANYWAY, this guy is a kind and wonderful tech geek and he’s always had my back - and even though he may not know people in my field, he has always been a cheerleader. So I was happy that he was open to talking with me again. Maybe only to build me up!

So I will make this short because I gotta go! Just wanted to jot this down.

Remember I was sooooo sad a couple of days ago? I was super mopey and I could not get myself out of it? In fact, it felt something like PMS, but I thought to myself that there’s no way it could be PMS because I’m in that phase were I don’t have periods for months on end.

Sure enough, today, BLAMMO.

I’ll be 52.6 years old. Please make this stoooooppp! When will this end. Good lord I’m over it.

But it helps to explain those horrible emotions on top of this horrible situation.

Okay, off to lunch. Should be a good one! Just wanted to get that out. Thanks for listening, and sorry to all who are squeamish about thinking about BLOOD.

Love you!

Florentine May 22, 2020

Ugh, PB lady parts festival because I am due legit today. No bleeding yet, but all the gross PMSing.

I hope your friend has some good leads or outside-the-box ideas. If not, that cheerleading is also indispensable these days. We all need someone in our corner. <3

bobbi01 May 22, 2020

Its always great to talk to someone who gets it.

Complicated Disaster May 22, 2020

Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! xx

Elaine Benes May 22, 2020

I hear you on the bleeding. I think I’m about a year older than you and I’m still getting my period pretty regularly. How are you having lunch? Restaurants are open there?

Ginger Snap Elaine Benes ⋅ May 22, 2020

I had lunch on an open air patio. Yes, some restaurants are open (not all - but more are opening up soon). I'm not ready to go inside a restaurant yet, but feel comfortable sitting outside, very distanced from others.

IpsoFacto May 24, 2020

I hope you have a great holiday weekend. You are a beautiful person, both inside and out

plushcreep May 25, 2020

I've never seen anyone be so precise about their age (newborns don't count, lol).

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