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  • May 21, 2020, 4:21 p.m.
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Well, had a conversation with the HR person. It was only a 15-minute conversation. I don’t know if she really knows this business and how it works - she’s been in the role since November. It just seems like a short screening, you know?

UPDATE: I forgot to note earlier that I’d spent a good amount of time prepping for the “usual” interview questions about strengths/weaknesses, etc. Name a time that something bad happened and what you did about it and yada yada. She didn’t ask me ANY of that jazz.

Here’s what I do know so far:

  • On paper, the job is EXACTLY me. It fits me perfectly - the role itself, Product Design and Development Director, what it involves (beautiful things), the title… who knows about $$$, we did not discuss that at all (which is not normal, but whatever)

  • It’s a family owned business and the role reports to the Creative Director who also happens to be the daughter of the owners. So here’s what I don’t get: a director reporting to a director? And I’d have to suuuuuper click with the daughter, because she would NOT be going anywhere, ever. Hm.

  • It’s not in my city. It would require a relocation to a city that’s not close by. Makes me a little nervous to think of leaving my parents, but otherwise, a move would do me good. A whole new world for Ginger Snap!!

So, I may know by the end of tomorrow if I am moving to the next round of conversations. We’ll see! More good juju, please. If nothing else, this is MOMENTUM!

With still-crossed fingers,

Last updated May 21, 2020

Telstar May 21, 2020

Good luck to you.

But that director reporting to another director does seem odd...……...

Complicated Disaster May 21, 2020

Directors often report to directors. In the UK, anyways! xx

Ginger Snap Complicated Disaster ⋅ May 21, 2020

Ah. Or maybe the daughter is about to be promoted to VP or something.

Complicated Disaster Ginger Snap ⋅ May 21, 2020

Maybe! VP and Director are used somewhat interchangeably here! xx

bobbi01 May 21, 2020

Good juju coming at ya.

Marg May 21, 2020

I’d be a bit wary of a daughter being a director - that might turn out to be awkward sometimes? But everything’s crossed for Round Two for you! :)

Soliloquy May 21, 2020

Maybe the daughter is moving up to VP and then that's how the hierarchy makes sense? If you interview again then that's a built-in question to ask them.

Funny how relatively recently it was so odd to talk salary in the HR screener and now it's SOP.

Fingers crossed for you!

permanent daylight May 21, 2020

We do the phone screen on everyone first, it’s done by an HR person. It’s just to verify they are still looking, that they meet the basic requirements, what date they could start, if we can meet their salary requirements, etc. If so they schedule a call with the hiring manager.

A move and a new town might be good. Who doesn’t love a blank slate? 🙂

kansasgirl May 21, 2020

Oooh, crosses fingers for you!

Nash May 21, 2020 (edited May 21, 2020)


Sounds like a lotta chiefs, where are the soldiers? You are exactly right about daughter not going anywhere. Have they mentioned a move up for her? Seems odd they would not and even more odd to not talk salary at this point in the process. Step carefully here, especially if it involves a move.

Kate May 22, 2020

Not only is the daughter not going anywhere--YOU are not moving up until she does. Food for thought. Good to be wanted, though.

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