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  • May 18, 2020, 8:06 a.m.
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I’m currently reading an absolutely fascinating Reddit thread of people writing about their Covid-19 experiences - people they know or them themselves having tested positive, and what they are going/went through. Naturally, I’m drawn to the people who have/had it, and the nurses who have treated positive patients, and I’m blown away at how different this virus is for every single positive person. I mean, I heard that affects people differently, but reading it from the horses mouth - just wow. Some people have lost loved ones, healthy 30yo people can drop like flies, 85 yo grannies can recover fully, 7 yo’s can have it with no symptoms whatsoever. One person said to do meal-prep for a week (preferably two weeks) beforehand, because you can decline so quickly and you will not have energy to even cook! He/She also recommended to keep a chair in the shower if you can. Then other people were like, “Meh, it was pretty much nothing.” Crazy! It’s here if anyone wants a squizz and hasn’t already. https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/gln8tu/people_who_had_covid19_or_know_someone_who_did/

Today I got an email saying that my package I ordered over the weekend had been attempted to be delivered but was unsuccessful. Umm, I was fucking home all day, bitch! no phone-call, no ringing the apartment number for me to go down and get it. Sure enough, I go down there to throw out my recycling and there’s a card just put on top of the buzzer in the actual carpark, not even in the mailbox in the lobby. I’m lucky I even saw it sitting there. It would have been easy to buzz me to come down. But you know, Covid-scares and all that jazz. Now I have to waste their time and mine getting them to redeliver it tomorrow, because for some reason the delivery company they’ve chosen to send it with is all the way in fucking Salisbury and I sure as fuck ain’t going there to pick it up. At least this time I selected they can just leave the package without needing a signature, wheras when I ordered on the website, there was no other option. I also re-added my phone number, so if they don’t ring me tomorrow, Ima be fucking pissed. Kudos however on the package being sent at 7am this morning and the delivery driver being here by 11am, not that he even bothered to let me know about it. If you read my previous entry, you’ll know what the package is LOL. At least this time I didn’t have to wait a month for it to arrive from America - it “arrived” the same freaking day! Ergh, I hope they aren’t lazy again tomorrow. Just leave the damn thing on the ground! If someone decides to steal it, they’ll be in for a surprise, especially if they have the wrong parts :P
I was actually thinking I could have gotten it delivered to my work address, but then I cracked myself up laughing because what if one of my workmates decided to open it up? LOL. That could be embarrassing. I don’t think they would as it’d have my name on it, but it would have to sit on the lunchroom table until I’m next in, which isn’t until Thursday.

I actually ate out for dinner tonight for the first time in about two months, since we are now able to. Actually, the place I went still isn’t doing dine-in (a lot of places have decided it isn’t worth it for a max of 10-people) but I did walk past a lot of other places that are doing it. It was really cool just to see people sitting down in venues. And I counted - 10 in a lot, less in others, some were still empty, but trading. I ordered my meal and stood away from the counter, and I was the only one in the venue, but I was still asked to wait outside. Then the guy got real-close when he brought my bag out to me. Go figure? I just hate this whole zombie-feeling that everyone is giving each other these days. Like everyone who isn’t a part of your everyday life is a fucking vampire or something.

I went and ate my dinner by the river. I used to do that when I lived in Spring Hill. There were quite a few people sitting in the park, laughing, in their groups. One group was very close to the 10-person limit but I think they were fine. It was very dark by this time. Winter is definitely on it’s way here, with the days getting darker sooner. I noticed it on my way home from work yesterday and it wasn’t even 5pm. I told myself that I was going to get my flu-shot today, but as usual I didn’t. I keep worrying that the shot itself is going to make me sick. I’ve heard the serum they use has made that less-likely. I’m certainly not anti-vax, I just don’t want to get sick! I see the irony in that. I just know what I’m like, yaknow? My body’s fucking weird. The whole reasoning of wanting to get my shot today was so that I am sick on my days off. Then that thought changes to, “Maybe I should get it on Wednesday so that if I DO get sick, I can use up sick days” lol. Ergh, why can’t I make my mind up? It’s like I’ve convinced myself that the thing I’m protecting myself against this Winter is the thing that’s going to make me ill. Do I get the flu-shot and buy a 3kg bag of oranges immediately afterward?
And there’s all the media hype and fucking conspiracy theories that are just doing my head in! Like, how do we even know what to believe anymore? CoVid-19 is just a way to get the entire world to vaccinate?
And our Prime Minister has managed to piss of China by asking for an official inquiry into CoVid-19, and China have responded by saying “Fuck you” to our beef industry by imposing an 80% tariff on our exports, three companies which are in my state. Now something like 36 countries have joined in. I mean, of course they have.

But, once again, I can only go by what I know and get through the day to day. 2 new cases in Queensland today. That aged-care nurse from Rockhampton that I wrote about in the last entry that I was writing nice things about? Well it turns out that she was still going to work whilst showing Covid symptoms and is in a lot of trouble for deliberately doing so, and subsequently around 240 people have had to await test results. Most have come back negative I last heard, so that’s good. My state’s borders are still closed. Our Premier is copping quite a bit of slack over it, but she’s standing firm. People who work/study either side of the border are having headaches over it. I think it’s a good decision. She is waiting to see the numbers in our more populated southern states, which makes sense. We’re the only Eastern state to have closed borders besides Tasmania I think.

Anyway, I think that’s all I have to babble on about today. I took another selfie today but it was dark and I’ll spare you this time :)

Palmtreesandzebras May 18, 2020

I read that Reddit thread! It was very intense.

Also it wasn't DHL was it? I had DHL deliver me something and added super detailed notes.. twice and the guy still couldn't or wouldn't find my place, so I had it re delivered to work.

KissOfLife! Palmtreesandzebras ⋅ May 18, 2020

No it was Couriers Please. I'm not sure if I've dealt with them before but hey I couldn't choose the sender. At least an Aust. Post is down the road, but unfortunately it wasn't them :(

TommyGnosis May 18, 2020

What is the conspiracy theory about vaccinations? Is it aliens? Are the chemtrails terraforming the earth for a reptilian race to come inhabit? And the vaccines are altering our body's chemistry for them to come enslave? lol because that's what I last heard

KissOfLife! TommyGnosis ⋅ May 18, 2020

LOL. Oh Lordy! I wouldn't mind being a reptilian slave.

whowhatwhere May 18, 2020

My aunt died from the flu vaccine. I find the people who are most vocal had something like this happen in their family. It’s live Covid, the people who are the loudest are the ones who have been effected.

I have a friend in California who had it. It was rough for him but he never had to be hospitalized. His wife was positive as well but she had no clue. She was not affected at all! I think that’s part of what is scary about it.

Swanny May 19, 2020

I got the flu shot and I'm fine. My arm ached the following day but apart from that I've been fine. Apparently flu numbers have been way down this year due to all the hygiene practices we've been following for COVID19. I feel like before COVID19 we must have been disgusting creatures sharing our bodily fluids for these changes to impact flu numbers so dramatically. I like your vampire analogy; that is so accurate. WTH Winter, sunset at 5:30pm, are you kidding me?! And now it's cold blegh...

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