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  • May 17, 2020, 7:07 p.m.
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Yes, the photos have been iris heavy lately but I just like this photo, the flower and the composition.

Did anyone watch Spike Lee’s 3½-minute homage to New York? It is brilliant and it made me cry.

Diego is standing on a yoga block on the workstation next to me doing his sphinx imitation. He is a little wobbly because he is sleepy but would like a snack please.

When I went for the walk with my improperly masked neighbor on Friday (we will call her Charity), she didn’t want to do a lot of up. Some up was okay so I directed her around in a loop and we came down the narrow steep 203 stairs Broadway Stairway. Yesterday I noticed my quadriceps were talking to me and I realized here in Stay at Home Land I hadn’t been walking down stairs in any consistent way.

So today I went back and walked down them again. It is a good walk for a Sunday because not too many people are out and about up there.

The track is a hotbed of folks not following either signage or responsible social distancing so I am mostly skirting it when I go out. Because we can’t go to the gym, Charity has been walking it every day for the duration and it is fun to talk track life with her.

My birthday is in five weeks and my 3-year-old Fitbit is not holding its charge for a full day so I looked into buying a new one. The one I got has a pulse oximeter built in and comes with a three-month trial of Premium so one gets extra metrics.

I love metrics. Premium tells me how restful my sleep is by charting my heart rate and how much below my resting heart rate I go when I sleep. The Fitbit came Friday but I have new technology learning curve fatigue and waited until today to set it up.

They say this battery last days. I sure hope so.

Mrs. Sherlock has a friend that is 93 that still lives at home and is pretty frail. She fell last week, the friend and now has another UTI and so Mrs. Sherlock was dealing with all of that so no hiking for us. The fall was probably related to weakness brought on by the infection.

Can I say, that we older humans appear to have a design flaw that allows us to get these infections that create all kinds of none too pleasant problems and it would be a good idea if we could upgrade…

I know this is a challenging time for so many, an all hands on deck moment, but here at least where I am, all the new leaves on the trees and the early morning light (no matter how cloudy) are glorious.

Part of why we will remember this time so vividly I am convinced is because those of us not working crazy hours have slowed down and are paying attention. The quiet that is left is nice too.

It feels like a moment snatched out of time to hold and examine and so many people are doing so many amazing things to make it better I am going to hold that thought as I wander around recording metrics that only I care about. :)

Last updated May 17, 2020

Kristi1971 May 18, 2020

I love irises...mine just came up in the garden this last week. :)

With all this technology available, it seems a battery should be replaceable, so that you don't have to buy a new fitbit. But - I know they do that on purpose to make people spend on a new one every few years (vs. just replacing a battery). So wasteful of them.

ODSago May 18, 2020

I like the composition of the photo, too. Well done. Stairs! So many. Your stamina is to be admired. Wishing wellness for you and all you love.

Marg May 21, 2020

I enjoyed the video! Were the stairs you were talking about the ones featured in it?

noko Marg ⋅ May 21, 2020

The video is all shot in New York and I am on the other side of the country in Oregon. The video is beautifully shot for sure.

Marg noko ⋅ May 22, 2020

Oh right sorry!

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