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  • May 15, 2020, 1:50 a.m.
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I’m currently sitting on my bed with a cue-tip (I think that’s what American’s call it) hanging from one nostril, if you must know how my CoVid-19 days are going. For some reason, I have an annoying tiny sore on the inner top of my nose, which you know is just greeeeeeeeat in the days when we are meant to be touching our faces as least as possible. Ergh. I think it’s about day 3 now and it’s still hanging around. So all I can think of is constantly wetting a cotton-bud and trying to calm down whatever the fuck is causing me this discomfort. It seems to sit in there without me needing to hold it, so there’s a lovely image for you. Hey it’s better than this time last year when I was writing about shooting from both ends because I was so sick. This is nothing compared to that.

Today was a second (and final) leave day that I was made to take off work, not that I did anything with it other than go to the shops. For a while I was laying on the couch in the lounge with my handheld mirror in one hand and my tweezers in the other, trying to see what the fuck was going on inside my nostril. I can get much better close angles with the handheld mirror, but it just looks like a pimple or something that won’t pop and it’s in a spot where I can’t even do so. I’ve tried that. Too painful. Maybe leaving it alone will make it fuck off?
I had to think for a while if it was a symptom of CoVid, lol. You know, since everyone is treatin each other like zombies at the moment. It’s a fun game using the two lifts in my building at the moment, especially when more than 3 people want to use it at once. I’ve been pretty lucky so far - my housemate, not so much. I had to remind him that the odds of him having the lift to himself when we have to collect 17 levels of residents on the way down aren’t that good. But anyway, I got distracted when I was looking in the mirror and ended up tweezing my eyebrows, so they are much neater now than they were in the photo below lol.

But anyway, our restrictions are being lifted further from midnight tonight, so that’s like 6 hours away. 10 people will be allowed in cafes, restaurants and public spaces. 5 people will be allowed in households (and they don’t have to be from the same household.) So I’m expecting to see even more people out and about. There’s already heaps, if getting my groceries is anything to go by. I figure people are probably doing it already anyway by the feels of it. The pool in our complex is also open again from tomorrow. I’ve never really seen more than 10 people down there anyway, so it should be fine. Naturally, social distancing rules still apply. The gym here remains closed until the next relaxation in 4 weeks time I guess. Bars and clubs are still closed. I’m interested in how they are going to maintain only 10 people at my city’s man-made beach LOL. Good luck everybody else!

Since I had today off, I went over to Brande’‘s place again last night. This time he made hot-pot. It was interesting to learn how it was all done. He had the induction-cooker on his big table and plates of prawns, fish-balls, squid, beef, fungii mushrooms, okra, and a bunch of other Asian vegetables I’d never heard of before. It was definitely a good feast and the brine tasted so yummy after everything had been cooked in it. Very salty though so I was drinking like a fish. We had a good laugh and bitch about things. We didn’t even watch a movie this time because we were just talking. I caught the bus there again, and had trouble trying to get across the main road, which just goes to show how busy it’s getting again. I guess last week was easier because now as many people were back to work, but this time it was near impossible. Eventually got there without getting run over.

I took a selfie right as it started to rain on me. It came out of nowhere - I could see blue sky ahead of where I was standing.
You get to see my mug again!
alt text

But yeah, I’ve been there twice in two weeks now because of these stupid leave-days, and he’s wanting me to come over again next week on a day off, but of course now I’m thinking it’s too much and I just want a break. Getting to his place requires two buses each time, but even then, my introverted self just wants to do my own thing. Plus I get the feeling he might like me, despite saying we’re “friends”, in which case he is my newest friend. I could be completely wrong but he does slide in the occasional flirt now and then.
But I’m the same with all my friends, I can’t be around them too often or I get over it lol. Goes to show how good I’ll be in a relationship with someone one day! :D I keep telling myself it’s a compatibility thing. I know I’m commitment phobic, but I counteract that thought with the compatibility and natural card. If things don’t feel natural (from both parties) and on the same page, then I don’t see the point. I’m not bothered. There’s tons of guys I find attractive, but lord knows that it’s never reciprocated LOL (or vice-versa!), and even if it is, THEN we gotta get along! I have a lot of hurdles in my way. But hey, at least I’m more open-minded these days.

I don’t wanna write about work, cos that’s boring, but MAN I had to rush on Thursday. I’m not even in my usual department on Thursdays but I still had to do so much stuff in that department, especially since I had to have today off. I’m expecting to still have to do shit that wasn’t done when I go back tomorrow and over the weekend. What a stupid time to have to waste leave. Anyway.

I was looking up fleshlights. I used to have one but remembered I threw it out when I moved from Bartley Street haha. It was still fine to use but I had somehow lost the base-cap, which, umm, I kinda need.
I haven’t really needed one in the past 1.5 years, but in these times of gloom and avoiding people, I thought it would be good to invest in one again, especially since I don’t have a regular partner. There’s an adult store that sells them across the road when I got off the bus yesterday haha, but there’s only one option to choose from, but I mean, that one would probably be okay. My last one was custom designed from America. Sex-toy technology seems to be getting slightly better. Remember when I bought that blowjob simulator? LOL - it ended up being completely useless. It had a noisy motor, was huge and I could barely feel anything.
Apparently there’s now an updated AI version. I’m still not buying that it does anything useful. Most of the reviews were positive but I took note of the negative ones and remembered that was exactly my experience too. A fleshlight, however, was something that I used every now and then. Does anyone else have sex toys? I’d love to hear about them haha.

There were two new cases of CoVid-19 yesterday in my state. One was known about previously, but the other one seems to be a concerning one. It’s a nurse who works in aged care in Rockhampton and they aren’t sure of the source, and she could have been asymptomatic since May 3. So yeah, in a time of us relaxing restrictions further tomorrow, we’re reminded that this can so easily happen. I know it’s just one person, but I made the mistakes of reading some of the comments on the news pages. One woman claims that her mother was standing next to this poor nurse in the bakery, since she had stopped there on her way home from work, so was freaking out. I mean, had her mother been keeping 1.5m away, should there be any cause for concern? We still have to adhere to the rules to minimize risk. And that nurse is doing all the right things now that she’s been diagnosed - isolating at home, contacting traces etc. I think we’re doing pretty well. Time will tell after tomorrow!

I still have my cotton-bud hanging from my nose lol.

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DE_mkately May 15, 2020

We had like 258 deaths yesterday and over a thousand new cases in jersey and they decided to open beaches for memorial day weekend with guidelines. God help us, i think we are in big trouble!

KissOfLife! DE_mkately ⋅ May 15, 2020

Omg, sending good vibes your way! :o

Deleted user May 15, 2020

Ouch! Hope you get some relief.
Good to hear such a lack of virus in your country/region. Looking forward to those days in The US...

Deleted user May 15, 2020

Lovely pic. You never seem to age!

KissOfLife! Deleted user ⋅ May 16, 2020

Aww thank-you :)

TommyGnosis May 15, 2020


Well, I am shipping you and Brande because you need to settle down and have babies.

I have a gigi type thing that I don't really use. I learned how to have an orgasm by massaging my perineum yesterday. Didn't exactly work but I finally had a superogasm. I can tell that it can get bigger and better than that. I want to get toys that are for the prostate because I'm curious about having orgasm from prostate massaging or whatever it is. I guess I'm bottom curious? lol

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