"You can't make a movie about me" in Dreams

  • May 14, 2020, 11:37 a.m.
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That was only part of it.

I think it was in Texas, as I was around family again, but I only recognized my grandma. It wasn’t anywhere I recognized though.
At one point I was talking to some guy I don’t recognize, who was turning a minivan into an RV. The van was based on a 7th gen Honda Civic like mine. When I was talking to him, he was putting in spray foam insulation. I thought the whole thing was odd, but never said anything of it.
When I left there, I walked to my grandma’s, who was talking to other family I didn’t see, and I didn’t recognize (internally I just knew they were family), as well as people I didn’t know. They were talking about making a movie about my life, revealing some horrific thing I’d done, so obviously I was none too happy. I walked to where I lived (next door, it seemed), and walking in, I immediately walked down a flight of stairs into a large and dark room, with two couches facing each other, and a TV on the wall several feet behind one of them. They were to the left side of the room as I entered, and the TV was on the wall opposite the stairs. I remember thinking that this layout didn’t work to comfortably watch the TV, so as I went to get comfortable, it turned into a U shaped couch with taller backs. I laid down on the side of the U against the wall, but couldn’t be comfortable and see the TV, so I got pissed and walked out.
When I got outside and up the stairs, there was a doorknob kind of floating in air, with the keyed side facing me (which my mind identified as the inside), but no visible door. Apparently I was used to this, because I didn’t think much of it. I pulled out my keys, shuffled through about 3 of the 7 or 8 on the ring, and selected a black Schlage key to unlock the door. It didn’t work. I tried it a time or two more, decided I’d deal with it later, walked around the knob, and unlocked it with the turn lever on the end of the knob. At that point I could see what looked like the outline of a clear, or at least partially visible door. I turned the knob, and left the door open a couple of inches.
I walked back towards my grandma’s house, and could hear the conversation about the movie again, and started getting mad. I decided if they were going to go on with this anyway, I was done with them. I got into my car (older Toyota, a Cressida, I think), and drove off.
The dream ended there, as in a noticeable “everything goes black” - not common with my dreams, and I woke up to my alarm a few minutes later.

This one just had some very strange details.

Telstar May 14, 2020

Are your dreams in color?

He Who Must Not Be Named Telstar ⋅ May 14, 2020


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