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  • May 8, 2020, 7:24 p.m.
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I have about a half-hour before heading back to work for the second day this week (and it’s Saturday!). It was a bit weird to have yesterday off as a leave day, but nice to not have to get up at 5am like I usually do. I’d reminded some staff as I left on Thursday that I wasn’t going to be in. My manager said that he will miss me not being there lol. I’m guessing they might have been struggling a bit yesterday. And I have to take next Friday off too!

I went on Brande’‘s house on Thursday night and we watched his favourite Robin Williams film, which is “Dead Poet’s Society”. I’d never seen it. I can’t believe it came out in 1989, so I would have been 5 years old. It was a good film for it’s time. I’d previously watched Robin William’s latest movie earlier in the week which is how we got onto the topic of Robin Williams. My favourite is still Mrs Doubtfire. Anyway, Brande’ cooked up some beef noodle soup and garlic and chilli prawns for dinner, which was nice, and we had a good catch-up and I went home again about midnight. Since I had Friday off I didn’t have to worry about waking up early.

So anyway, I went and got my haircut at mid-day. It was my usual hairdresser, Grace (I actually remember her name now), who is this blonde girl who is 26 who has a very messy boyfriend haha. kShe was in absolute shock when I told her I was turning 37 this year. She thought I was her age. We just chatted about how everything has been going. She’s on JobKeeper and earning around about the same as she was, and I said my work-life hasn’t changed all that much other than having had to deal with people panic-buying and the occasional irritated customer. I told her that quite a few fellow staff had been abused though, through no fault of their own. Anyway, it was nice to have a little bitch. I think I talked to her more in that hour or so than I have my friends in months.
This time I got the same as I usually do, except I skipped the toner. I remember last time not liking how it just blended in my colour (the whole purpose of it, I know) and I actually preferred the more stand-out blonde in my hair. Anyway, I managed to take a quick photo on my way home.

alt text

It was a bit windy, but hey I’m happy with how it turned out, and I don’t look so much like Cousin-It now. It was good lighting - I do look younger than I am in this particular pic haha.

I didn’t do much with the rest of my day. I was tempted to get Nando’s (you can only get takeaway at cafes and restaurants atm) but I behaved and went home instead, as I knew I had food at home (what is this? Me? Responsible adult? :O )
I chatted with Phil for a bit, as he was still throwing stuff out. It seems he’s watched Marie Condo or something whilst he was staying at the boyfriend’s, because he’s on a massive Spring (well, Autumn) clean. He’s talking about getting a new bed because he’s sick of his squeaking lol. I’ve honestly never heard it. But he wants to make a bed on the floor out of pallets and a mattress. I said to him I wouldn’t be able to do that because of my height (and getting off the floor each morning doesn’t sound too appealing) but he loves the idea of it haha. He said his boyfriend probably won’t stay over too often once he gets it lol. He’s had it lucky over there though, getting a home-cooked meal every night. Obviously when you’re dating a bear, you’re going to be fed well :P

Time to go to work!

Perpetually Plump May 08, 2020

You're so good looking! I'm Glad you're doing so well!

TommyGnosis May 08, 2020

I was going to ask if you dyed your hair. I am meaning to get around to getting my hair did. I'm not dying it though, I'm still waiting for grays

kmh. May 08, 2020

Your hair looks amazing!

DE_mkately May 08, 2020

Hair looks great and so natural!

Honestleigh May 08, 2020

It's definitely your skin that keeps you looking so young dude!

Swanny May 11, 2020

The haircut looks great!

KissOfLife! Swanny ⋅ May 11, 2020


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