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  • May 5, 2020, 9:47 p.m.
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I just got done watching Martin Garrix’s live-stream, the second one he’s done in a few weeks now. His last one was gone doing his set from on top of a tower. This one was him doing his set from a boat, going through some of the canals of his homeland in the Netherlands. Everyone was on different boats so they were all socially distancing. Absolutely beautiful scenery with the canals and windmills. It’s made me miss it from when I was there in, when was it? 2015? I lose track of time. I’m also loving the home-concerts that Sophie Ellis-Bextor has been doing, but naturally they aren’t as exciting as Netherlands scenery and drones and jetpacks and flares. I can’t believe she’s been having trouble getting social media platforms to recognise her own music!

Anyway, everyone’s probably sick of all the CoVid news and such. I still hear of people saying it’s a complete scam. You know, even when there’s photographic evidence of the fucking virus under microscopes. Then I see some article about how a mutated, more-contagious version has now emerged. Ergh. Stop scaring people, media! Let us deal with this first one haha. Anyway, very sad to hear the UK has overtaken Italy now in death-toll. It always seems to be somewhere new. I love the UK. It’s making me very sad.
In the same news article, I was surprised to hear that the vaccine being developed in my city at the University Of Queensland seems to be the one at the forefront of the eighty different vacines for this fucker of a virus being developed worldwide! They said it will be in production by September. So that was very surprising to hear. I thought they said there wouldn’t be one until the end of the year so they are really fast-tracking this. And I saw on the front-page of the newspaper that members of the defense personel are acting as guinea pigs for the human trials, so that’s interesting too. Very strange times!

I went and sat in the park yesterday, something I haven’t been able to do for over two months now! :O It was so lovely. I even bought a pie and a soft drink and a scratchie like I used to. didn’t win anything, of course lol. I’d brought my headphones down but didn’t feel the need to listen to anything. I just breathed in the fresh air. I wasn’t out for too long though. I’m still a bit anxious about the whole situation, obviously. I’m not about to let my guard down just yet.

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My hairdresser is back up and running to usual hours, so I’ve FINALLY booked in. My hair is getting out of control so I want to try and look like a human again, instead of a neanderthal. The housemate said he’s coming back home later in the week, as he now has to go back to work, and it’s now Wednesday so I’m kind of expecting him today. Which is fine. He’s a great housemate.
Our schools start going back next week, just the more important grades to start with and then all schoolkids by the end of the month, so that’s interesting. My state had zero new positive cases yesterday, and three the day before, and zero over the weekend. Out of around 1100 cases, around 980 have recovered according to the latest stats. There’s still a few breakout hotspots happening in some of the southern states, and Australia wantsto re-start flights to New Zealand, so things seem to be gradually improving. Tasmania even wants to restart their direct flights to New Zealand. Flights are meant to be anywhere from $19 to $39 to begin with to try and stimulate demand. I can just see after that happens though that QANTAS will absolutely gouge their prices. I am near-sure of it, depending on if this supposed Chinese airline has bought out their competition, Virgin Australia.
Our (Queensland’s) main downfall could be our social distancing measures, especially at crowded markets and such with the eased restrictions, at least in my state. I see it at work quite often. When I was in the shop yesterday, a guy coughed without covering his mouth and a lady walking in front of me stopped dead in her tracks and turned around. This is the world we now live in.

TommyGnosis May 05, 2020

Yeah, I have a friend stuck in the UK right now. When he told me how bad it is there I spiralled. We now have a breakout in pig farms in my country. Grrrrreat

KissOfLife! TommyGnosis ⋅ May 06, 2020

Pig farms!? omg

TommyGnosis May 05, 2020

and in response to your selfie, I miss the simple pleasures of sitting on strangers' faces. Consensually of course

KissOfLife! TommyGnosis ⋅ May 06, 2020

LOL! Awww Tommy are you saying you want to sit on my face? That's the most action I've had in months :P

kmh. May 05, 2020

It will be interesting to see what transpires in the next two weeks with the states that have eased restrictions.
You look peaceful in that photo, happy you got to spend that time outside :)

crunchie May 07, 2020

I wish we had zero cases. Woolworths and other stores will never get rid of that Perspex at the registers will they? A lot of this stuff will now become the norm 😢

KissOfLife! crunchie ⋅ May 08, 2020

Yes it will be the norm until the vaccine arrives!

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