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  • April 25, 2020, 6:21 a.m.
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I can’t stop being amused by these memes LOL. I still can’t believe what he said yesterday actually happened. Oh well, natural selection and all that jazz, I guess. Let the weeds weed themselves out.

I have today off! It’s ANZAC Day here. I know I should get out of bed at 6am and show my respects, but I generally don’t like getting up early on days I don’t have to! So I’ve decided to show my respects at a more respectable hour. Don’t hate on me.
My grandfather on my mum’s side was a troop in the second world war, so that’s as much of a connection as I have to war-stuff. It was pretty cool being in Canberra in February and seeing the Australian War Memorial. I think I spent most of the day there and in the museums. Hars to believe that wasn’t that long ago and we’ve had a worldwide pandemic hit us since.

I’m glad I got to hang out with my sister there. She’s currently having another side-effect of the chemo. The steroids have stopped working and she can no longer do anything with her right arm. I wouldn’t even know about it if it weren’t for mum sending me a photo of her arm in a cast. She’s having to do everything with her left hand, including learning to eat and to wipe, so that must be fun. Ergh. As far as I’m aware, she’s doing okay otherwise and has just had to be extra-careful in regards to not leaving the house AT ALL because of her weakened immune system and all that Covid jazz.

I’m doing a whole lot of nothing again, besides eating too much and catching up on my gay Thai dramas. I’ve finished Sotus: the series, and season 1 of Lovesick: The series and am now on season 2 of that, but it is like three times as long as season 1 so far, but is definitely entertaining enough. All the beating around the bush when it comes to being honest and feelings is doing my head in a bit sometimes, but I guess it’s part of the culture. Except then one of the characters goes and has it off with half the school and films her conquests LOL. So that’s amusing. Obviously she’s not the shy one.
I also finished watching ‘Better Call Saul’ - for a spinoff series, that was seriously good. I have to wait until next year for a new season. I was looking forward to “Wentworth’ starting again soon but they’ve reported had to halt production because of you-know-what.

As you know, I finished my jigsaw. It’s all put away again so the lounge isn’t as much of a mess. My housemate is still away! I think it’s coming up to a month now that I’ve been living alone. I actually don’t mind it at all. I knew I wouldn’t. And he’s still paying bills even though he’s not here. He said he would, so it’s nice to have a housemate who keeps his word.
I’ve been doing lame home-workouts, but I feel so much better when I do them. I have my resistance-band which does enough of a job I guess. It’s nice just being able to work out in underwear. I have to wear my gloves with the bands though because otherwise they leave marks. I put them around the heel of my feet and that seems to be okay for now. I was wearing thongs for a while to keep it off my feet but it’s too scary knowing the band might slip and I’ll cop a huge sling-shot to the face. Then I just do pushups on my old push-up bars and use my crappy 4.5kg dumbells for a bit and finish off on the exercise ball. I’m so glad I got that thing. Considering how much crap I’ve been eating as I literally never leave the house unless it’s for work these days, I’ll have to try and exercise every second day (or so I tell myself).

Nick’s still sending me nudes, and Joao’s still hitting me up for sex lol, but I’m being good and avoiding both. I did decide to finally send one back to Nick since he’s sent me so many, but that’s all it’ll ever be. Us sending nudes to one another. He probably sends his to heaps of people though. If I were a character in ‘Lovesick’, that soppy theme music would start playing right around now whenever something lovey-dovey is about to happen. Jack is also sending me Snapchats trying to get me to bite as well, but I’m not really that into him.
I think I’m still in lust/love with a guy who doesn’t even live in my city, but I haven’t been obsessively checking out his social media as much. He barely posts anything anyway. He could have a husband and house with him these days for all I know about him haha. It’s nice to have crushes though. I have a few. Some are stronger than others. Funny how that works. One guy I even hooked up with years ago and I still fantasize about him sometimes. I guess there’s a lot more time for that these days, since I certainly ain’t keeping myself busy.

Our new store manager at work is an absolute gem though. She never stops smiling and always has time for a chat. She’s figured out a way to give more of our out-of-date stock loss to charity each week by freezing stock that’s out of date ON the date it is (cos we can’t sell it). As for the longlife stock, apparently they will take it up to 12 weeks past it’s use-by, so that’s awesome it will still go to a good use rather than in the bin. So I’ve been doing that and she told me as I was leaving yesterday that the guy who came to pick it all up was SO thankful. That was really nice and made me feel good.
Social distancing is obviously still in place at work but it’s really difficult sometimes when everyone decides to cram the one aisle. I just try to keep my distance from people and rush past them when I need to. A few of us wear masks but only a few.
A lot of items have had their limits removed (so that has helped customers) but a few are still necessarily in place. Dental, oats and canned veges came off it this week. Anything baking or cleaning is still on it (2 per customer). Paper towel and toilet paper are still a limit of 1pp, even though we have pallets of it out the back now lol. People must be done wiping their arses.

My state had two zero-case days this week, so that’s good! The other days were like 2’s. Considering other places, we seem to be doing amazing. No word on when life will be back to normal though. I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Apparently our Prime Minister wants kids to go back to school but our Premier is ignoring him. Here, it’s for the kids of essential workers only, at the moment.

I have to work tomorrow, but after work I’ve actually been invited over to Rhys and Luke’s! So that was nice of them to invite me. They’ve invited Steve as well, but unfortunately Moe and Ben couldn’t be invited because of the visiting limits. They are allowed to have two friends over at a time (that they know). For a while it was only one person (which is when my housemate decided to go and quarantine with his boyfriend) but that’s been relaxed a bit thankfully. Not that my housemate has returned yet, so he’s either having a great time with the boyfriend, or he really doesn’t like living with me. So yeah, my mind has been having fun with THAT thought lately.
So I’ll go to Rhys and Luke’s. It’ll be my first human interaction with friends in a long time now. Usually my introvert-recharge likes time away, but even this has been crazy for me and I hope a few laughs with them will help my mental state a little bit more :)

TommyGnosis April 25, 2020

What was said that sparked that meme?
I think I'm sexually frustrated with everybody else and I'm not even that kind of girl lol.

KissOfLife! TommyGnosis ⋅ April 26, 2020

The meme is still playing on what Trump said :P

Haha, you can secretly be that kind of girl if you so wish to be!

wintergrey April 26, 2020

Our supermarkets are slowly coming back to normal, plenty of bog roll on the shelves. But barely any flour still. Last week they had some and I got 6 packets (2 for me and 4 for my friend) and yesterday I went in and noticed the 2-per-customer signs.... Oups... 😱

magicstar May 02, 2020

I just discovered Thai gay dramas and am hooked. Any recommendations?

Nothing you have ever written has made me think your housemate dislikes living with you.

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