Co-Vid update and jigsaw in Adventures in paradise

  • April 20, 2020, 9:09 p.m.
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That was another rough work-week. Despite us now having plenty of toilet paper, we had no eggs from Thursday through Sunday, so THAT was fun! And if I hadn’t noticed the count was wrong on my way out the door on Thursday, we’d probably still have none ergh. Not even my damn department and people not doing their job properly.
I can do my job a lot more effectively though. I found out that we can donate non-perishable products that are up to 12-weeks out of date, and we can also donate perishable products that are out of date on that day so long as we snap-freeze them, so that will get our donation rates up from now on. At the moment our donation rate is around 15% and we want to get it up to 60%. It just sucks I’m not in the fresh department, so unless I notice it when I help them out on Thursdays, it all probably just gets thrown out ergh. I just hate lazy people. I went all sassy a few times last week because it’s obvious someone (or a few people) still aren’t rotating stock properly ^rolls eyes^. I think I’m doing pretty well in my department though. I just dread when I have to check the dates on all the vitamins cos some of them sit there for months and certainly don’t get rotated by nightfill. Anyway. There could have been more abuse about not having eggs, wheras I just had a few disgruntled customers. As for any form of baking, that is still an absolute joke lol. There’s still a 1-per-person limit on toilet paper and paper towel, even though we now have pallets of the stuff. We really need pallets of flour and eggs now. There’s always something.
We now all wear bright yellow vests over our uniforms that warn customers about social distancing. We don’t have to wear masks, although a few of us do. I think they would just annoy me. The vest is already making me hotter even though it’s thin material.

We had zero new cases in my state yesterday, so that’s good news, but out premier certainly isn’t letting loose any laws just yet. New Zealand is relaxing to Level 3 (which is what we are) so that means construction and a few other industries can return to work. That’s never stopped here. I hear construction each morning since this all started.
I am just thankful I’m not American LOL soz guys. That is a dig at whatever else their president spits out each day, obviously not the tragic deaths going on, especially in NYC. And people protesting in Ohio? Did I see those images correctly? Enjoy your Co-Vid guys! Fuck me. Yeah think what you want about the conspiracies but if people weren’t actually dying from this shit, then I guess you could take it more lightly, but they are. I saw one comment on here today about how the people who die have one foot in the grave anyway. Remind me not to add that person to my bookmarks. I want life to return to normal as much as the next person. I guess my state and country will look at places that are relaxing their laws early and see what the curve does. ^shrugs^
Of course, now I see this on my feed.

alt text

I’m stunned at Virgin Australia’s “collapse”. I might just be ignorant but I don’t understand how a company can be that far in debt, given that whenever I looked at their flights, their prices were at least $200+ for a one-way ticket to Sydney LOL. “Tell him he’s dreamin’!” Where the fuck was all that money going? Maybe that’s why they’ve “collapsed”? I mean I always went with the $40 Tiger ticket over the $200 Virgin. And Tiger were bought out by Virgin so I guess they’ll be gone too. I keep inverting it because it’s voluntary administration and they are holding out for a bail-out. I hear the latest is that a Chinese airline is interested LOL Yay! Fun times. If Qantas get the monopoly here, I guess I won’t be flying anywhere ever again, domestically at least!

I haven’t been doing anything exciting. I mean, I don’t do anything exciting even when there ISN’T a worldwide pandemic :P
It is cool reading everyone’s diaries now though because we are all going through the same thing with different circumstances, and that is very rare.

This mural appeared in Melbourne which is pretty cool!
alt text

I finished my jigsaw. It’s taken me around two weeks.
Here is a timelapse, since I’ve had nothing better to do besides watch terrible reality TV (the latest being “Too Hot To Handle”)

alt text

alt text

alt text

I got frustrated even more than I already was at this point lol

alt text


alt text

And I’ve just started colouring it in

alt text

Last updated April 21, 2020

cazoob April 21, 2020

Omg that puzzle looks so difficult! Well done!!

KissOfLife! cazoob ⋅ April 21, 2020

Yeah it really was at times, so many pieces looked the same especially in the corners. Thanks!

s.q.u.e.a.k April 21, 2020

Americans really don't like being told what to do, do they? 🤦‍♀️

KissOfLife! s.q.u.e.a.k ⋅ April 21, 2020

Land of the free!

Palmtreesandzebras April 21, 2020

There was a protest in Downtown literally right in front of my work on Saturday, for them to open one of our larger parks. Ridiculous.

That puzzle looks amazing.

TommyGnosis April 21, 2020

This is bringing out the crazy in a lot of us.

Perpetually Plump April 21, 2020

Here's the problem. We are not really getting any sort of supplementation from our government in regards to not working. People have lost their health care. They've lost their income. They have no money to buy food. They have no money to pay bills. They have no prospects to get money to buy food. It's a really bad situation. The food banks are out of food. The lines for the food banks are hours and hours and miles and miles long. People are waiting six or more hours every day to try to get enough food to feed their family for the day. It's outrageous. We have stopped any medical procedure from taking place that is not life or death or directly related to the virus. So, people who have breast cancer cannot get their breast cancer removed. People who have brain cancer, well it's just going to keep growing. People who have potential melanoma, have to wait months now to get it diagnosed, and that's the difference between life or death in something like melanoma. People are not being able to get procedures done like knee replacements, which can completely alter somebody's quality of life. we have pretty much zero medical care available to us right now. It doesn't make sense to destroy our economy in the hopes of not catching a virus that, according to our own center for disease Control, the majority of people will recover from without any long-term issues. It's not that we don't like being told what to do so much as people don't enjoy watching their families starve and everything they've worked for fall apart.

KissOfLife! Perpetually Plump ⋅ April 21, 2020

That's so sad to hear about. That's what I mean about this being different everywhere. My country is very lucky, for the most part. Here, elective surgery is being resumed as of next week, helping people's quality of life, so it's a very good move. Most people are eligible for our government help, which is $1500 per fortnight - that's more than I get and I'm still working! So that's very generous, but of course not everyone is eligible for it (casuals tend to miss out). Evictions have been frozen, so landlord's are angry, but I don't really are about investors as much as I do people keeping their roof over their heads. It sounds like things are much rougher where you are. Our supermarkets and food-banks aren't running out of food, thankfully - we're just short on a few things, and that's mainly due to most of our products being home-grown. I really hope where you are follow's suit with the medical procedures and that things improve soon. And you're right, I feel the majority of people will recover from it also.

crunchie May 01, 2020

Oh wow. How many pieces is that puzzle? I’ve just gotten into them but are opting for many different colours on the puzzle to make it easier to do lol I am gobsmacked at some of the things Trump has said during this pandemic 🤔😬

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