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  • April 17, 2020, 2:03 a.m.
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I have no reason why I’m stating stuff like this now, and it sounds weird, but I’m a straight dude, have had no interest in that way with dudes..

That being said, and I’ve always said this but i’m ramping it up more lately cause I think the world needs it.

Consider the super genius, me Ekhdal Brand (also known as Chris S) as the biggest LGBTQ+ ally on the planet and New Jersey. (I wish i could rainbow that, but yanno)

Why am i saying this? The world forking needs more allies, and i’ve started to post it more and more across the social medias (Right now on twitter I’m Quaratined Genius and ally, and my facebook picture will perma-have that banner now, and in my profile) Its always with my convention badge holder as well.

I guess this ramped up a bit cause my friends kid basically came out as a transgender teen (FTM) and I just felt bad for what the kids gone through, cause this part of the country is stupid.

I also got to thinking about my niece..what would happen if she decided she liked girls or was a boy? Her mom and new husband are real major idiots (I think she’s anti-vaxxer, and well her husband and his kid apparently have anger issues) and while I loathe my idiot brother, I do give him props on being a good father, but it gives me wonder about things, hes a covidiot, definetly more conservative than I, I honestly dont know what he’d do. (he has stupid idea of shooting boys etc)

I dont know why i’m saying this now, its 2am, quasi depressed over this stupid virus and needed to ramble.

I just wanted to shoot it from the heavens I guess, that i’m a huge LGBTQ+ Ally.

Take care folk.

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