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  • March 25, 2020, 10:59 a.m.
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I try not to be a Debbie-Downer in these unheard-of times, but after hearing our Prime Minister’s press conference last night, I’m afraid that my anxiety may come back worse than it was that one day last week. I kind of wish work had called me in today to take my mind off of things. Of course, I don’t know for sure what the future will bring, but something in my gut tells me that it’s too little too late. I feel as though, because I still have to go to work (as an “essential” worker) that it’s only a matter of time until I become a statistic of Cov-19. I know that’s a bit dramatic of me right now, but I’m just trying to be real here. Of course I don’t WANT to get it and I hope NOT to get it, but I’m high-risk. Not quite as much as our amazing health workers, but I’m up there.
We’re (my work is) doing everything right and according to government regulations, but social distancing just is not possible where I work. We have hand santizer taped everyone in staff areas, we have crosses marked out on the floor at checkout areas, we’re even installing fucking plexi-glass on the registers! I mean, social distancing is practiced, but during a rush and having to push past people in aisles (who are still panic-buying, mind you, despite what you may think about it having calmed down), I feel as though just ONE of these people are going to go to the shop (because they have to eat) and either deliberately have it, or are unaware they have it. Hell, I could even have it. I just don’t fucking know when it’s a virus that doesn’t show symptoms for the first few days!
The latest is that some sufferers have been saying that they noticed a loss of sense of taste and smell, so that’s also something I’m looking out for. The minute I notice that, I guess I’ll tell work I won’t be coming in.
All I can go off is the advice given to us - to not assume I have anything because I haven’t returned from overseas recently, and as far as I’m aware, I haven’t been in contact with a confirmed case. So in that sense, I’m being sensible and trying to calm myself.
But then there’s the what-if? What if just ONE of those customers I helped last week was near a contact? And what if one of the many elderly customers who shop in my store have therefore been compromised? Every customer who asks me something, I don’t give them eye-contact - I am facing away, continuing with my work, therefore it looks like I’m being rude and not giving them my full attention, but I am listening. It helps that we’re extremely busy.
None of my fellow staff are wearing masks - the advice is that it makes touching one’s face occur more often. One was for a little while, but was complaining how uncomfortable it was, and had removed it by about halfway through his shift. I would assume, anyone who is infected should be wearing a mask in the store, so now when I see someone wearing one, I think they have it! It’s so stupid. They are probably just being careful.

So anyway, the reason I feel like it’s inevitable now is that our stupid Prime Minister still thinks it’s okay to keep schools open LOFL! I mean, what else can I do but laugh? I may be completely over-reacting to this measure, and I get that essential workers need to send their kids to school, but fuck me, if I were a parent, I’d be hiring a sitter until a full lockdown was put into place. I wouldn’t be sending my kid into those cesspools. And the advice is that “kids don’t transmit the virus” - Umm, okay, so explain the 7 year-old and 2 MONTH old that just contracted it in the past 24 hours?
And two other things that have left me speechless is that both hairdressers and bottle shops are remaining open also. I mean, I’m sure as fuck going to need a drink or two if our Prime Minister thinks these are good ideas. Hairdresser’s are to keep each client to a 30-minute maximum. Does anyone else find this as insane as I do?

And don’t even get me started on our local government election which is occuring this Saturday. It’s compulsory to vote and is a $133 fine for not doing so. A lot of people I know are just copping the fine. Good luck social-distancing THAT on the weekend!
I’ve already pre-polled. I did it after work last Thursday and I did it in the Valley because I figured there would be less people. I was right. I was the only person in there besides one of the candidates who was standing outside (I absolutely love that she is always out and about and I really respect that, but unfortunately she runs for a party that I can’t stand higher up, plus I figure they are going to win anyway with all their slandering advertising against the major opponent, so I gave my vote elsewhere, even though I can’t stand any of them really).
They had hand sanitiser at the entry and exits, which I was amazed weren’t chained down like the pencils. The advice is to bring your own pen, which I shoulda done but I did use some sanitiser on the way out.

I was going to get my STI test as well, but I went on the website and the advice is not to turn up unless people actually have symptoms. They are keeping their door closed and coming to collect clients, and have recommended holding off getting tested unless urgent. So, that’s fun. With all these self-isolating going on, I would hope that no-one is having sex.

What worries me is that I know some people don’t give a shit about the government advice, as was evident by police having to shut down Bondi Beach and Centrelink queues around the country since 2 million people are out of work. I mean, what did they expect? And the conflicting advice? “Don’t go to a Centerlink in person! Call up, go on the website!”, when both of those options are unless since people are on hold for over 3-hours and the website just keeps crashing. Word is that people can only get a Customer Reference Number in person, but the lady on the TV was saying you can get it over the phone. So much confusion.

So yeah, stay at home, but unless you got kids send them to school as normal, OR if you want to get your fucking HAIR done during a pandamic, that’s fine! Oh, and booze is totally essential too guys!

I mean, Morrison said it all in his address last night. He gives a shit more about the economy than he does about the nation’s health, and that’s going to be our downfall I think.
I’m at home in my room, with all the exercise equipment I can find to try and build up my immune system, because now I’m scared.
My only solice is that my states border’s now close at midnight tonight and that my state doesn’t quite have as many confirmed cases as the poor southern states do. NSW let a cruise ship’s passengers that had confirmed cases walk free into the public!
I wish I’d fled to Tasmania before they closed their borders a week ago now. That was clever! But if I did that, I’d be going against the advice not to travel, which is still in place. They are their own island, and the air is so fresh down there. I just have to wait and see how things pan out, if a customer passes this on to me or any one of my workmates, or vice versa. I’m TRYING to limit my media intake on this because it’s doing my head in. I’m trying not to be upset at the situations in Italy where they are so family orientated and that has been their downfall :( and I am trying not to be upset that Spain has run out of space in it’s venues so are putting the dead on their ice rinks. I mean, fucking hell!

I’m trying to go for walks late at night when I won’t run into anyone, and I feel bad even doing that, but without my gym and being stuck up in a house all the time, and going to a non-social-distancing workplace, I’m going to go insane otherwise.

I know, I’m a little bit worried and I need to calm down, and I’m sure I will. As far as I’m aware (and that’s all I can be), I’m okay for now. Going to work is a scary time, but it’s keeping my mind busy at the same time, and the mental health impacts from this are going to be huge for a lot of people.

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whowhatwhere March 25, 2020

80% of the people who get it never even know they had it.
And up your vitamin C.

kmh. March 30, 2020

I hope you're doing okay Matty x

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