I did a super silly thing in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • March 23, 2020, 10 p.m.
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I Braved the apocalypse:

alt text

to do this:

alt text

I have to go out on Wednesday to the store to get groceries and a switch case and maybe another game, the bank and to my idiot brothers again once more. I am gonna do the scarf over the mouth like a mask thing and wear gloves like I did tonight and I’m gonna delouse when I get home, and then ill just buckle up, I dunno when I’m gonna go out again. Lemme tell you what, a scarf over the mouth and nose is very warm, and I look like someone from a post apocalyptic movie, and TBH im kind of anxious about it. I was anxious tonight but target was fairly quiet, and I got in and out in 10 minutes (and I got one of like the last 3 switch lites), ill probably be at walmart for 30, and ill do all the distancing thing stuff.

I got two new board games over the weekend, and i’m sad I dont know when ill get to play them. I’m sad about that. I played some solo board games, and ill be doing that more during this crazy time. I am doing.. fine. Tuesdays suck now that I cant board game, even during my dark times I still could go out and play board games with people, and thats what sucks more than anything.

Anyways.. Thats all..

My Switch code: SW-0515-8391-3619, just say something on here first.


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