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  • March 17, 2020, 11:33 a.m.
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Things wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the media-hype, really. I could have killed whoever that “journalist” at the “Daily Mail” was yesterday who posted “BREAKING! WOOLWORTHS SHUTTING ALL STORES!!!” as the main fucking headline for panic click-bait purposes.
FFS, as if things aren’t already bad enough at work. I can’t even begin to complain, so I won’t. It’s just bad. Has been, is and will be for quite some time it seems.
And I can’t just avoid people either. Customers will be up in our staff’s faces about how they can’t wipe their asses. Yeah, you’re not the only one sweetheart. Go to a bush and use a leaf like the Aborigines do. I can see a lot of clogged pipes in the coming months also, as our alternatives are also being wiped out (baby wipes, tissues, even serviettes).

I went in on Monday to help out another department, only to be told by the assistant manager that I’d be showing a work-experience guy the ropes. LOL, fuck me - timing much? So of course I got fare less done than I otherwise would have, and should not have even done the extra shift.
My store has been doing okay, considering. I’m in a store with only 6 aisles, so humans being humans, I assume, tend to associate the bigger stores having more stock and therefore are more likely to get a chance to stockpile, so they go there instead. We’re still struggling big-time though, but I think it could be much worse. We’re kinda at the stage where if you don’t mind eating vegan food or foods no-one really thinks of eating, then you’re not gonna starve. Things can easily change though! We haven’t had shithouse paper or hand sanitizer for months now, unless you’re there first thing on a Sunday morning - it seems to be the only time worth bothering to try.
My pay-cheque has been insane though, with all the overtime and such. My work’s strict budgets have just been blown out the window around the country because of the media fuckers. Thankfully I haven’t witnessed any punch-ups and such like there has been in other stores. I did witness one of my workmates in tears though. She’s such a lovely girl and it made me upset. Meanwhile I’m like “NOPE!” to anyone to even tries to mention the words ‘toilet paper’ to me.
I like the initiatives my workplace has been trying, such as the ‘elderly’ hour between 7am and 8am, although even that isn’t working in a lot of places because the lineups are that big that they can’t serve everyone in an hour. That and there’s still no stock for them to buy, but it was a nice idea. I’ll have to deal with that when I go in on Thursday and Friday, but for now I am relaxing away from people, any one of them who could have CoVid-19 and not be showing symptoms. But I certainly can’t avoid large crowds in my job ergh. I just try to face away from people when they are asking me questions and help them the best I can. One lady yesterday was like, “You’re doing such a good job!” which made me smile, that a lovely lady can go around with words of encouragement when everyone else is just bitter and pissed off at things beyond our control. But anyway, I said I wouldn’t complain, so I’ll talk about other things.

My knee is still being a bitch, a month on. I went to the doctor last Monday, initially booking in for my sore throat (which was gone by the time my appointment arrived, although he did say it was very inflamed) and he gave me a prescription for it as well as referral for an ultrasound for my knee. Something’s not right. I thought it would have gone by now. So anyway, this morning I finally went and got it done, and it was bulk-billed and near my place too! Unlike when I got the one done for my hernia in the city, I was out of pocket ergh. But anyway, the ultrasound lady said I should have my results by the end of the day, and hopefully then I can figure out a way to manage the pain. It’s just, in such a physical job like mine and having to walk up and down stairs all day and bend down a lot, it’s very sore by the end of a 10-12 hour shift, like I did last Sunday. It was only meant to be 7hrs but completely blew out. As soon as we get stock delivered, it’s straight on show and straight out the door lol. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw a box of toilet paper among it - it was only the shitty (ha!) 1-ply stuff but I stashed it away until later in the day before we closed, and naturally it was all gone in no time at all.
But anyway, awaiting a phone call from my doctor, which could be today or tomorrow, as I understand they are very busy there as well, people getting tested and such, I assume.

Kellen was over again last Friday, but with my knee, sex is a struggle putting pressure on it trying to fuck him. I only managed to for a little while this time. Still… we were at it for 2.5 hours again, complete edging sessions and he is just SO much fun and SO hot to just look at. I really can’t get enough. We went to dinner afterwards, like we do, and I think he knows I’ll just foot the bill by now.
I’ve been avoiding Grindr, mainly cos I just haven’t felt like using it, but I made the mistake of logging in one day last week and got inundated with messages, so obviously gays aren’t scared of making contact and body fluids during this pandemic lol. Hot twink Josh from up the road had tapped me over the weekend, so I’m guessing he was drunk and horny and trying to stir up a notification on my phone, but I turned them off.

I just think it’s so fucking over-hyped. This could be just like any other disease out there, but the media have made it out to be this zombie-like infection that we’re all gonna die from. And I’m just completely over what it’s done to pretty much every industry out there. I can book a flight to the USA for $700 return FFS, if I wanted to, although 90% of our international flights have been grounded because of this.

Wash yo hands, clean your ass (make like a gay man and douche if you have to, like we’ve been doing for years!) and use some common sense, unlike that stupid woman who tested positive for CoVid-19 and then thought it was a good idea to catch a flight to fucking Hamilton Island.

Oh Lord help us all.

Last updated March 17, 2020

TommyGnosis March 17, 2020

shit is getting real! Also! Avoid oils for a bit if you have inflammation. Especially canola

whowhatwhere March 18, 2020

Turmeric is good if it’s inflamed. They have pills or you can just cook with it.
I have used that special athletic tape on different joints when they were giving me issues and it really does help. You just have to look on YouTube on how to do it right.

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