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  • March 16, 2020, 1:28 a.m.
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So. I was thinking. One thing that has fascinated me is logistics. Moving goods from one place to another, supply chains and the like. There are some board games that deal with logistics (pick up and deliver games, especially where you have to produce the goods then deliver them to meet demand, and there is a couple Wartime logistics games id love to play (The biggest one is Quartermaster general, and there is one coming out called race to moscow, I knew one person that had QG and he would never teach it cause he was a nincompoop)

Why am I talking about this at 1:07 am on a monday night?
I went to the grocery store on saturday for frozen food (I didn’t go to gaming cause I was kind of anxious about the whole thing) I’m glad i didn’t go. Giant eagle was packed to the brim, frozen foods were running low, and other meats and breads were running low.. which brings me to the next thing. As I came home I thought It would be prudent to go to walmart to get cat food/litter/pop/water. I’m glad I did. They were running low on those supplies. It was bonkers.
(I sanitized, wiped my hands with wipes, wiped down doorknobs, light switches etc and washed my hands both times coming home)

Fast forward to today, I decide to go to my friends (small gathering, 4 people, 3 kids, i didn’t go to a play I wanted to go to up in grove city cause people.) to have dinner and play a couple games, I go to dollar general, get more supplies (this one was impulse, just needed trash bags and shampoo, i thought getting some canned goods was a good idea) Sanitize up then go to my friends, play games have delicious tacos (sanitizing after each game)

Come home, sanitize doors etc. (I found 2 more containers of clorox wipes and that was good news) my mom told me that she wanted to do another walmart pickup for a few more last minute things. They were over flowing on pickup. So I decide to yet again go to walmart and got some last minute thing things. (i found some boxed steaks, wings, and some other things)

Bread was totally gone except two packages of sandwich buns (Which I got), eggs were gone, lunch meat was dwindling, same with chicken, beef was kind of okay.. it wasn’t totally empty food wise but it was getting there, which makes me happy I went tonight. (I did see someone with at least 6 packages of clorox wipes and another person that was kind of yelling to quit panic buying.. it stinks but when you take care of a high risk person who cant leave the house it isn’t panic buying its stocking up, panic buying is buying 2,000 rolls of TP)

this got me thinking. How long in the heck will it take to resume normal supply chains if ever? This is gonna take a while to replenish stores with basic necessities, how long will things get from A to B to C then to my place which is D? Hopefully not long, I think after a few days buying will slow down and things will replenish but what if it doesn’t?

Am i just being anxious? Yes. Am I still depressed? Yes. Am I concerned over this thing? Somewhat. The convention I was supposed to go to next week got cancelled. I didn’t game on saturday cause the city of pittsburgh declared a state of emergency. I am still going to my game night on tuesday, under all the sanitizing precautions AND i’m getting my meal through a drive thru. I trust my tuesday night friends, plus its a small group of 10ish people.

I am also anxious that origins might be cancelled. That will make me really sad. Blah.

Also, our federal leadership is incompetent, dangerous, and our current president is a weak baby who is a big liar, this whole thing could have been prevented.

Blah. Can the reapers come?

Fedge March 16, 2020

This is the type of stuff I have been thinking about as well. I think about all the people that have to work to keep production high. People who work for Charmin or something, they can't afford to have people missing work because it will slow down production. At least I assume so. I'm not really great business stuff.

^..^Kat March 16, 2020

I think this is all on everybody's minds to some extent. I haven't bought anything extra and I'm ok on my basic supplies right now. My fear is getting to where I do need to restock and there not being any supplies available. I'm envious of my friends who have stockpiles pre-Corona.

Darkest Days, Brightest Nights March 16, 2020

I’m not worried about getting sick personally... but all the panic buying makes me nervous. Shelves are being wiped clean here, hubby did go stock up on some stuff food wise. We already had a good bit of toilet paper.

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