Don't panic just yet in Stuff

  • March 2, 2020, 10:52 p.m.
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I’m not looking forward to work this week. Humans are in panic mode thanks to the media. The toilet paper aisle is bare at my local. Am missing something? Why is toilet paper something to stockpile? Is coronavirus going to give everyone explosive diarrhoea? 🤔

Anyway, point is that I go back to work this week and am not looking forward to it. I’m in a smaller supermarket so our shelves are going to be even harder to keep stocked. Ergh. Why humans, why?
The problem is it only takes a very overly selfish people to stockpile too much. Sure, stockpile, but please don’t go overboard. You don’t need 6 months worth! The recommendation is 3 week’s worth of long-life goods (veggie cans, milk powder, tea, frozen veggies etc) and a month’s worth of advanced prescription medication.
Masks aren’t going to do shit. In fact, they say that those make you touch your face more often. Wash your hands more often instead. Don’t shake hands with people. For now.
It’s in my city now. Two people in Toowong have tested positive for it, or rather one has and they are testing their housemate. It’s a few suburbs over.
I should be stockpiling, but I’m not. I got through SARS, Bird Blu and Ebola. Fuck Coronavirus. Hopefully they get a vaccine soon. Hand sanitizer sold out at work about a month back, but now I’m expecting to go back to no shithouse paper 🙄 I still have one more day off and then I’m back to face the fun on Thursday. I wish we could put a stock limit on certain customers who ruin it for everyone else, cos I can totally see that happening. Woolies and Coles say that the warehouses are prepared for the extra demand, so that’s promising. I’ll prob be asked to do overtime. Fun times!

TommyGnosis March 02, 2020

oh no! A lot of people are going to have to stain their carpets!

cazoob March 03, 2020

We can't even get surgical masks for our vet clinic because they're sold out. Everyone needs to calm down! Absolute madness.

whowhatwhere March 03, 2020

I totally blame the media. Most people will just think it’s a cold. It’s really only dangerous for old people.

crunchie March 08, 2020

I thought of you and your work. Here we can barely get anything. No rice, toilet paper, pasta, sauce etc etc

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