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  • Feb. 13, 2020, 12:57 p.m.
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It’s damn near dead center February 2020. I’m having a hard time writing about anything except what an asshole our president is, although sometimes I think and/or write about the dangerous things he says or does. Just when I think I can pause to grab a bite, use the bathroom, repair relationships, find a health care provider, update my passport, he does something worse like, say, strong arms the DOJ.

So, here is a few idle things I’ve thought about or seen. My local niece posted a video of her kid and her kids friend playing a game called panic attack, where they run around, flailing about and screaming. I thought it was pretty funny. I was thinking about it and something dawned on me; there were all kind of doctorate thesis written about my generation being “raised on TV”, next to “why johnny can’t read” it was the most popular slow news and/or slow PhD subject. For my six-year-old grandniece it’s going to be more about being “filmed” (on cell phones) 24/7. Always being aware that you might be “On Camera”. I don’t need a PhD; you can have that one. Oh, I failed to make the connection; the cell phone belonged to one of the folks being made fun of by the panic attack game.

I saw two movies in the past week that I was surprised to find. The first was Loving Vincent. Early in 2016 I had heard the project was in the works, a movie about van Gogh made entirely in van Gogh like art work. Talented reproductions and guesswork done sort of like a cartoon, a frame at a time, within the framework of a post houmous investigation. 2016 turned into a weird ass year and nothing ever popped up to remind me of the movie. I don’t think it ever played anywhere near me and I had forgotten about it. I guess it was released in 2017, in Europe at least (a joint polish/UK release). I ran across a snippet on YouTube, got the name, and the whole movie on YouTube. It’s fucking spectacular.

The other was the Professor and the Madman, odd because I had not heard a single fucking thing about it ever, never. Ever. Not a fucking word. I was on Vudu looking at a promo on “Award” Movies sale. I had seen most of the ones I had wanted too, or, they weren’t available yet, and then I ran across this one; The Professor and The Madman. 2019. Mel Gibson and Sean Penn. What the fuck I what the fucked myself. The story of the making of the OED. Granted not the most dynamic storyline, but still, those two can fill seats, if only to jeer, and so can an Oscar or two, and, at bare minimum, people will bitch about how a movie about a dictionary starring an Australian Nazi won … I want to know how they decided who got to play the professor and who played the madman; rock, paper, scissors? Who could piss off the paparazzi the most? Who wasn’t invited on the set of the remake of madmax? Who didn’t get a part in the Encyclopedia Britannica movie?

Ok, to tie everything together, which Muppet do you think will play Trump in the movie and will Jessica Rabbit play Melania or Ivanka?

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