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  • Feb. 10, 2020, 11:39 p.m.
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Holy carp what the carp is going on in my life.
I sold some board games and splurged on a new box for boots:
alt text

150 dollar boots home. Hah.
Its a new board game for me though.
alt text

That box is huge, the game is cool, its about magical trains delivering goods. (My birthday is coming up, if anyone wants me to get the upgraded bits)

I also started playing Clank! Legacy which has been a lot of fun, its silly and its based in Acquisitions incorporated.. haha its been a good legacy game so far.

Anyways. I have to say. My life still is boring. I have kitties keeping me sane. I slept in the most awful manner last night, I dont know if its part discomfort or part due to the fact i eat dinner so early anymore and i dont get hungry until I go to bed and Dont wanna eat cause heavy food, heck I dont have any good snack food ATM

I dont know I’m just still kind of here. February 14th is coming up,I’ll be doing nothing again. Blargh. I’ve tried facebook dating and its about as effective as a water wheel.

I was happy the packers made the NFC championship game, I turned it off at halftime though. That was an awful showing.

I am still just kind of numb. I dont know. Things just come and go. I really just wanted to say hello and say i’m still here. I know most people are on my facebook, but a few aren’t and I want to say hi.

So hi.

Good bye


Darkest Days, Brightest Nights February 11, 2020


^..^Kat February 12, 2020

Well worth the money for that cute Boots. :)

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