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i never write in this book cause i wanted to always do it on tuesday but that's dumb cause i never remember. :P seeing carrie reading books! watermelon new place to live! my disney bracelet

it's technically wednesday but i've not been to sleep yet so still tuesday. ear plugs & sleep mask. wifi extender tortilla chips with a hint of lime. (currently addicted.) pants that fit. ...

friends that are excited that i am here. a roof over my head. internet. sleeping late last week. this cutie:

February 19, 2014

tuesday things. in the little things.

it's tuesday and im actually remembering to do this but let's see i can come up with anything. restaurants, or really anyone else who cooks and feeds me. that i only have to deal with this f...

i got to have dinner with amelia tonight! she gave me the most beautiful nail polish for my birthday! long underwear spinning on my wheel again friends who give me free yarn just because i ask. ...

December 24, 2013

tuesday's things. in the little things.

my bed. my bed. my bed. my bed. my bed. never am i so thankful for my bed when i cant sleep in it. i have not slept decent since we got to TN. :(

December 18, 2013

tuesday's things. in the little things.

i called the winner of the voice when i heard her sing the very first time months ago. i finished the shawl i was knitting with time to spare. i got my amazeballz nail polish today finally! as ...

December 11, 2013

tuesday's things. in the little things.

we got our first snow and it was so pretty! fleece pants are life changing. i went back for another pair. aya agreed to let me have her beautiful yarn for my beautiful mittens. snow day! even if...

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