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January 26, 2017

3:24 in spectrality

got my W-2 the other night, and just submitted my federal tax return. getting $2870 back, damn! part of it was that my employer had somehow messed up my withholding, and had my allowances at ZER...

January 04, 2017

5:36 in spectrality

things are changing. i’m chilling at my desk today from 5-8, then i’m moving to the maintenance team~ away from the wolfpack. it’s bittersweet. the direction things are taking here in the engine...

December 19, 2016

1:03 in spectrality

i feel all confused lately. i like donovan but that lingering fear is still in the back of my mind. “what if i fuck it all up?” jerica was a terrible relationship experience to have, i mean hones...

December 07, 2016

12:52 in spectrality

things with dono are going; it’s pretty frequent now that we hang out. last night was like the “what are we..?” talk and it makes me nervous to have that discussion. we were both like… “WHAT IF W...

November 21, 2016

2:33 in spectrality

must write more. nice weekend for relaxing and catching up on sleep. the period for getting the bonus for AWS certs at work is over, so the frantic hurry part of my mind is slowly turning itself...

November 14, 2016

9:40 in spectrality

still thinkin about donovan, ohmanohman. it was so good. hahahahah like SO GOOD. i had always wondered if he was just like, completely inexperienced, he caaann’tt be though, he knows what he’s do...

November 12, 2016

3:32 in spectrality

i got donovan to come over thursday night and it was GREAT!!!! yeayea!!!!!!!!

November 06, 2016

11:22 in spectrality

ahhhh, all morning i’ve been puttering around not knowing about the time change. well i mean my phone and computer adjusted automatically so i didn’t realize we’ve gone back an hour… but indeed t...

November 06, 2016

10:30 in spectrality

study study study, dance dance dance. i’ve gained some weight recently. it’s making my pants really uncomfortable. some of that is period bloat though so i guess i’ll see after my period’s over w...

November 02, 2016

1:15 in spectrality

i got up early yesterday to study and then went and got my AWS certified solutions architect associate cert in the morning before work, whoooooo. score wasn’t great (74%) but hey i passed, and no...

October 31, 2016

12:27 in spectrality

goodbye party for miki last night. eh, eh, eh but at least i went out and saw more of north saint mary’s (ok… well… really, just faust). and i went to pegasus and sparky’s for the first time so t...

October 26, 2016

6:57 in spectrality

i started birth control back again the other month and i. am. DYING. i haven’t had to go through the ‘adjustment period’ since high school so i guess i forgot how bad it really is. holy shit, yes...

October 17, 2016

2:14 in spectrality

this weekend was a whirlwind! i took off friday to drive up to dallas, for my high school reunion (!). stayed with nicky and sarah at their townhouse which is reeeeaally cluttered, almost kind o...

October 03, 2016

10:12 in spectrality

i don’t know, i’m just languid this weekend. minor depression still hanging around? maybe. it’s been hard to make myself do things. it feels like all i do, is do things. like i don’t understand h...

September 24, 2016

10:50 in spectrality

so many people are quitting at work. SO. MANY. it’s weird because management just keeps rolling out the bad decisions. they just keep introducing more and more complete nonsense. ”C.H.E.C.K. ever...

September 15, 2016

10:50 in spectrality

i really, really, REALLY wish i had a control version of me as a male that i could compare experiences with. sigh. i guess women just get used to being completely disbelieved and discounted? i ha...

September 12, 2016

12:15 in spectrality

well so much for not writing about it, as that’s only made it swirl around in my head more and more. but like.. could it work? could this work? ?????????? what does anything mean!!

September 04, 2016

7:55 in spectrality

nope, nope nope nope nope nope nope. not writing about that!

August 30, 2016

7:42 in spectrality

right, so yeah everything did go crazy at work. well supposedly everything is “business as usual” but we’re being bought out and it’s making everyone a little jittery. that and they’re converting...

August 24, 2016

12:05 in spectrality

europe was GREAT! back to work immediately where i am going to stop making extra payments on my student loans and instead really build up my emergency fund because everything went crazy while i w...

June 15, 2016

12:10 in spectrality

why don’t i ever have ANY TIME? seriously…? this weekend’s big accomplishments were 1. new hair (lavender-toned white highlights on one side, stripping the color that was there… and keeping the v...

June 09, 2016

11:04 in spectrality

nutmeg was actually very, very sick. lymphoma. the vet called me that night while i was at work to inform me of her bloodwork results. she discussed the numbers at length and what that means and...

June 07, 2016

12:29 in spectrality

i took nutmeg to the vet. she has lost so much weight, holy shit, i feel like the worst cat parent for not realizing just how much.. she was still eating and drinking a little bit, but nooooot en...

June 06, 2016

9:40 in spectrality

so i guess my sister and i are done??? like................. ok................................. i’ve been checked out of our relationship ever since thailand but really. i wonder if like years ...

June 03, 2016

12:45 in spectrality

cats. sorry gross cat stuff ahead! it’s just for my records nutmeg hasn’t been pooping for like.. the past week. and she’s been eating and drinking less because of it, because i think she’s full ...

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