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I'm a man who cares much more about one's soul than their gender. I care more about one's actions than their words. Someone once told me we should look at life like a silent picture. Words without actions are nothing. Actions make us who we are. I live alone. Obviously, I write. I also work, love photography, paint, make and listen to music, as well as attempt to do my best to follow my bliss.

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I went to an Amy Grant concert recently. The couple in front of me were in their 80’s. The husband tried to lift his arm around his wife. He struggled to do it and hit my leg. When he turned to a...

TOP TEN REASONS WHY TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES ROCK! Brainline.org is a great site. It is an organization that supports those of us with TBIs and PTSD. I received my gift while in the Navy when I f...

Today we have our first snowfall of the year. It is a significant blast of wintry weather, one that has me thinking about those who are outside. By outside, I don’t mean those walking and frolick...

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