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July 16, 2018

Election meddling in Public

I don’t get it. I assume the Russians make every effort to influence elections in the US. I also assume the US does the same in just about every country in the world. I mean, where propaganda has...

It’s full of Brewing equipment… again. My brother returned all of my stuff and then some. Just when I had it all organized :/ On the bright side, once I do have it all set up again, 5 gallons of ...

July 09, 2018

Yard work. in Public

All weekend. Fun I. The sun included edging, mulching and trimming. Which in different context are great words. In this, it just means sore legs. The part that gets to me is the constant up and d...

July 06, 2018

Trade war in Public

Bring it on, our very own leadership has been hiding the cost of doing business with China for my entire life. Let’s have it… Hehe I feel like I should have been a tweeter!

Yesterday I was supposed to get some time out with the guys, instead: A month of planning, rehashing, scheduling and juggling to get this project running. The day before it starts, selected tech,...

July 05, 2018

A writing Groove in Public

One of my final memories from a previous prosebox life… an intermediate life between open diary and a year long break from writing was a comment about word usage. So, I think I will start writing...

July 04, 2018

Now! in Public

I’m better off then I was a year ago.

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