Hatchi is the name of my darling Persian cat. She looks like the cat from the Felix wet food advertisements. But with longer fur and an uninterested look in her eyes.

Art is theft.

Pablo Picasso

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January 03, 2021

22.55 in On and On

I feel so scared to sleep tonight. This morning (4am), my cat woke me up, so I put her in the living room. Shortly after I dozed off and had a nightmare that I was looking out of my mum’s bedroom...

December 18, 2020

10.27 in On and On

Since the beginning of this week I’ve felt so stupid. Everything I’ve done just makes me feel bad; I regret everything I spilled to my mum this week because she looks at me like I’m an idiot now....

October 21, 2020

19.07 in On and On

Since the other day, I’ve donned a new style of dress. I’ve gone for a jumper/polo neck and midaxi skirt thing, and I am very comfortable. I don’t feel self conscious about my body, my conservati...

October 18, 2020

11.24 in On and On

I handed in a giant project without annotations on three of my most hated pages. I hated doing the work, I would’ve been able to finish it all if I hadn’t gotten sick. My mental health is taking ...

October 14, 2020

21.34 in On and On

I’ve recovered from my cold, and my model sheet came out craptastic (hahaha) though I’m glad I’m through with that project. I’m busy slashing away at my sketchbook with acrylics, trying to finish...

October 05, 2020

09.45 in On and On

My family has been circulating rumours about me being gay and my mum has just recently confronted me about it. I’m terrified. I’ve closed my social media in fear of blurting out something stupid ...

September 24, 2020

08.23 in On and On

Started storyboarding for my project!! It’s so exciting knowing the start, middle, and end of something for once. I went to the opticians for an eye test and I guess I need glasses.. they’re com...

September 20, 2020

21.14 in On and On

I don’t like how my scars are fading, it feels like kind of an insult to how I suffered so much after that event. Everything is pissing me off and tiring me out; I’ve screwed up my theory assignm...

September 17, 2020

06.45 in On and On

I completely and utterly regret how I acted for the past 2 months. I could’ve been doing something so much beneficial to me than just worrying… I always seem to make the mistake of putting my who...

September 10, 2020

21.12 in On and On

I have to wake up at 5…to leave for a bus at 7…to get to class on time for 9....to stay until 5....and get back to town at 7.... i really hope everything goes smoothly since i don’t think i’ll be...

September 08, 2020

10.19 in On and On

I had my first class yesterday, everything was so hard. Sure, the actual class wasn’t all that difficult, but everything else felt so suffocating. I had a panic attack in town. Everything feels s...

August 28, 2020

22.44 in On and On

I keep listening to powapowa_P as if sad nostalgia tracks help me be any less sad. 使わせていただいた曲 is an absolute favourite though, it always makes me cry :( some mutual online today was saying that h...

August 27, 2020

13.51 in On and On

I feel so incredibly overwhelmed from my enrolment mess.. and for some reason my stepdad is talking to me with absolutely no filter?? Everything is making me distressed and I’m always two steps a...

August 24, 2020

18.53 in On and On

I still feel as invalid as ever… one of my friends was telling me about how she’d finally gotten closer with a guy she has mutual feelings with, and I feel so bitter and jealous. I want what she ...

August 20, 2020

22.05 in On and On

I feel weird, and on the verge of death. I want to c*t a lot more now and cry and cry and cry. I can’t cry yet though, people keep pestering me for things and opening my door. He hasn’t come onl...

August 17, 2020

01.01 in On and On

I miss him a lot. I miss listening to him bramble on about nature and him saying ‘oops’ so much. I miss him so much it hurts everytime the rain falls. Fuck this stormy weather. I wish I’d pushed ...

August 13, 2020

21.46 in On and On

It feels like the universe is doing everything in its power to pull me away from working. I’ve shut myself in my room all day to tie up loose ends and I’m still barely through my first signature....

August 11, 2020

22.17 in On and On

My room hasn’t gone below 30°c all week, I’m going insane. I have two barely working fans to keep the airflow… I feel dehydrated just by breathing. I regret having miso ramen at that restaurant, ...

August 08, 2020

00.04 in On and On

I miss him. I miss him a lot, it really hurts to know what we could’ve had before everything fell apart. He messed me up and now my whole world has collapsed fucking sideways??? It’s weird. Hope...

August 06, 2020

21.41 in On and On

I’m running in circles. I’ve started my college work and I think I’ve hit a wall already with the inside cover. I’m making a junk journal and I can’t fish out the good stuff in my head and I can’...

July 31, 2020

23.27 in On and On

Today has been horrific. The guy I like still hasn’t come online.. does it make it a week? I’m trying with every fibre of my body to convince myself that he hasn’t died, but what else can I do? I...

July 29, 2020

19.54 in On and On

I’m worried. Getting worried to the point that I haven’t been eating and now I’ve ruined my diet and meal prep. Today is his birthday, and I’ve sent him some kind messages and the drawing I’d don...

July 28, 2020

21.38 in On and On

I identify as a lesbian, but I’ve started forming some weird feelings towards this guy I speak to pretty frequently online. But everything feels so terrifying now because he hasn’t texted me in t...

I don’t think I’ve ever put ANY of my books into storage?? I just haven’t? So now I have a giant blue box and deciding which books to keep in my room and which ones are going to the garage. The ...

July 24, 2020

21.55 in On and On

Very tired. Spent the whole day being useless and a burden (even if I did change out of my pyjamas).... My diet has ultimately killed my appetite, though I miss egg custard tarts a lot and wish I...

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