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by Azrael

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February 06, 2014

Went down with the ship

I saw tonight was the night and of course was leaning towards not downloading my OD. In true fashion I ran to the computer around midnight (EC time) and OD was still there and in a panic I downlo...

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I wasn’t going to jump ship.. I was going to stay with OD until the end.. Which I guess technically I did, I just haven’t been able to write an entry on there. It’s crazy to me that it’s shutting down, I’ve been on that site about 12 years. I am still on the fence on downloading my diary. The reason I started an online diary was the anonymity of it. Not sure I want the last 12 years of secrets on my computer or a hard drive. Not that it’s all that exciting or anything but there’s a lot there that I never told people… Well Hello! here I am a ship jumper.. now let’s see if I can find any of my old shipmates on here…