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by Jodie

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November 17, 2023

Is It Friday Yet?

Why is it everyone wants it to be Friday when it’s Wednesday? What difference does it make what day of the week it is? Isn’t all the days the same no matter what is being done? And you can’t tell...

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it seems like once a week or so that I can not write an new entry and the page won’t show but instead the entry i wrote the day before is there and i don’t know how to get to a new page. Is there anyone who knows how?
I really hate to bother the administrator every time this happens but I figure he is the only one who can tell me and fix it for good. But unless he knows about it there is no fixing it.

Also is there anyone who can tell me how to post a picture for my icon at the top of my diary? Right now I have this what I think looks like a pond in chess and I really don’t like the color. If you know how please tell me in English as the telling me is techno talk will not help me.
Thank you.