Atmospheric Plasma Technology is best for your application in semiconductor industry

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PSM Co., Ltd. has strived for the development of atmospheric pressure plasma technology with constant technological innovation and R&D investment for almost 20 years since its foundation in ...

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PSM Inc. is a leading company to hold the core atmospheric plasma technology.
“The world’s best atmospheric pressure plasma company” that creates new high value-added markets is PSM Inc.
PSM has led the development of atmospheric plasma technology through constant technological innovation for the past 20 years. With unwavering faith while not being afraid of change, the company has overcome limitations of plasma technology step by step. Through the technological prowess, the company is grown up into a well-known plasma company in the global market as well as in the Korean semiconductor industry.
PSM will leap forward as a global company by expanding the sales network in overseas markets such as China, Taiwan, Japan, and USA as well as application fields such as the domestic semiconductor, display, and film markets. Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Cleaning System
Areas of Plasma Application
Application areas with the best accumulated design and technical know-how
• Smart Phone
• Secondary Battery
• Display
• Semiconductor Packaging
• Functional Nano Coating
• Print Industry
• Biomedical Industry
• Solar Cell
• Automobile
• Parts Industry
• Contact Angle Measurement Tool
• Air purifier
• Power Supply
Smart Phone:
- AP plasma (M electrode) is applied to the foldable phone assembly process
- AP plasma (M electrode) is applied to the touch panel lamination and coating pre-treatment process
APM Electrode
- Very good cleaning effect and surface modification characteristics (2-3 times higher cleaning effect than the existing atmospheric pressure module)
- Gap between sample and electrode is larger than the existing electrode (~5 mm Max.)- Stable and safe use of electrode is possible through the low operating voltage (~8kV) and low power (0.5~1.5kW).
- Applicable as roll-to-roll equipment to CPI/UTG substrate surface cleaning and coating pre-treatment processes. AtmosphericPlasmaTechnology
PSM Inc. promises to continuously strive to make a better future of PSM Inc. by pursuing its vision, ‘Change & Growth’, which would allow the company to lead change and achieve qualitative and quantitative growth simultaneously.