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July 11, 2019

oh and btw.

so. i won’t. stop talking to him forever. just for the time being. one of these days he & i’ll talk again. i hope. when i climb the stairs. and turn the key. please be there. bacharach. just ...

November 14, 2016

from: march 2010

‘‘6th** .......step ahead like a fukin game of chess. That’s how today felt. A friend came over. She spent about 10 minutes in my room, looking at my books. It was weird. She’s so....tactile. Wel...

November 14, 2016

from: sept. 11, 2012

‘As put. My anxiety’s gotten makes sense, what w/ the event at the end of this month and then next month being the 8 yr......... and the 1 yr of when I told Mark about ‘that’ ...

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