Last updated October 28, 2016

Rules, you ask? Why yes, Prosebox has them! Any healthy community requires some basic rules to function smoothly. We've tried to keep them as minimal as possible while still protecting the website and community.

If you violate the rules, we reserve the right to remove your content or account with or without warning, particularly to protect our services, users and community. We also reserve the right to enforce or not enforce these rules at our sole discretion. These rules do not create a contractual obligation for us to act in any particular manner.

The following is a list of things that are not allowed.


Prosebox is intended for a mature audience. You must be at least 13 years old to use the site.

Threats and Self-Harm

Do not threaten other users with violence. Do not promote self-harm or suicide.

Abuse of Minors

Do not post inappropriate content about minors. This includes violence, sexually inappropriate content, harassment, and bullying.

Hateful Slurs

We try to avoid censorship as much as possible, but hateful and demeaning slurs about any group will simply not be tolerated. Don't use them.


Do not use Prosebox to share pornographic images.

Spam and Automation

Accounts created for the sole purpose of affiliate marketing and other types of spam will be removed. Accounts that create content through automation rather than manually by a human will also be removed.

Copyright Violation

Please be respectful of copyrights. Do not use someone else's copyrighted works unless you are authorized to do so, per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


Impersonating others is not allowed unless the intent as parody or satire is obvious. Using impersonation as a way to attack another user of the site is not allowed.

Phishing, Fraud, and Site Abuse

Do not use Prosebox for scams and other attempts to defraud users. Attempts to hack the site or embed malicious code will not be tolerated if discovered.

Privacy Violation

Sharing private information about other people is not allowed, particularly things like social security or credit card numbers.