This Is A Test in God, With Skin On

  • Jan. 14, 2020, 8:35 a.m.
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Life is one big test. And the final exam is either pass or fail. No in-between. And the textbook has hundreds of versions, revisions, and opinions on all subjects. How does one know which is right and which is wrong? Let’s be honest here, everyone can’t be right. Things are left up to man’s interpretation and getting a group to agree 100% on any issue is a challenge.
My question today is simple. Why do you believe the way you do? For some, it’s the way they were raised. Others may have had an awakening. And some, well they just blindly follow the crowd. Me? I studied, questioned, and sometimes defied authority. After all, If God knows everything about me, He knew I would challenge some of the things the church taught.
Enjoy your day, and don’t take it so seriously. Life is too short to be miserable.

woman in the moon January 14, 2020

I believe the way I do because of my own reason. I believe I am all there is - for me, I mean. You are you and you can believe anything you like. This is my life and I do with it what I wish. When I want it to be over, I want it to be over. I do not look forward to or dread any life beyond this one. I try to be a good person. I try to help others and I am very grateful when I can be of help to someone.
You're right. Let's just have a nice day. They are limited.

Douglas Kinney woman in the moon ⋅ January 15, 2020

Limited indeed! Each one if a gift, and I know that I have fewer ahead of me than behind me.

woman in the moon Douglas Kinney ⋅ January 15, 2020 (edited January 15, 2020)


I remember the SHOCK of realizing I was more - even much more - than halfway through my life. I don't want to live forever and in ways I look forward to death but the idea that there is less ahead than behind bothers me.

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