daddy’s wake up.... in diary of a kitten

  • Jan. 14, 2020, 12:06 a.m.
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it’s very early in the morning when you come into my room… you’re skin is still slightly damp from the shower you were in a few minutes before.
you gently sit next to me on the edge of the bed and you slide the blankets down my body, exposing my skin and my breasts that have fallen out of my lacy sleep romper to the cool air around us. the temperature change makes me stir a little bit but you place a finger on my lips and whisper in my ear that everything is ok, daddy is here to take care of his kitten.
you slowly start caressing my breasts and playing with my nipples while your sliding one hand up my thighs. my whole body starts waking up and responding to you but you whisper for me to be good and let daddy play… you lean down and capture a nipple between your lips and start licking and sucking until it’s hard enough it could cut glass. then you do the same to the other, and as your mouth is expertly working it the hand that’s between my thighs has begun to stroke my pussy and your thumb is lightly stroking my clit making it harder and more sensitive by the stroke. i start to moan and whisper that i need you inside me as you begin moving your fingers in and out of my tight wet pussy… but you just chuckle and lean down and plant a deep lingering kiss on my lips which reminds me that you’re in control. you start to pick up the pace of your thumb stroking my clit as your fingers are thoroughly fucking me until i cannot hold back anymore and i’m cumming fast and hard on your hand and soaking you all the while, just when i’m sure i can’t cum anymore you quickly take your hand away and pull me round so you can whip your pants off and slam your big cock hard and deep inside me and as you ride me hard and deep i can feel another massive orgasm wanting to rip thru me … but this time the game is i can’t cum till you are and if i do we have to start all over again. you slow and adjust your pace and we are moving in unison, all of our limbs tangled together and we are both getting super close to tipping the edge. you ask me if i’m ready to cum for daddy and i softly tell you yes.. and you thrust harder and deeper inside of me and in an instant i’m cumming hard on your cock and then you’re cumming with me hard and we crash together in symphony both completely satisfied and tangled in each other. you tell me you have to go soon for work, but that you want to cuddle me back to sleep. you pull the blankets back up and wrap me up tight in them and your arms and we quietly whisper and chat silliness as we both come down from cumming and you feel my body relaxing back into sleep.
you whisper sweet dreams in my ear and kiss me on my temple and tell me you will see your kitten later and chuckle because you can see me smile and blush in the dark. you’ve got plans for me later… but for now we are both satisfied for the moment. 💜

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