lick me up i’m sweet & salty in diary of a kitten

  • Sept. 5, 2019, 9:38 p.m.
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face down on the sofa, my arms are bound with tape behind my back and you’ve gagged me. i can feel your lips trailing down my spine and the sharp nips of your teeth down the same trail too. you’ve woken me up while i was dreaming of you and i’m more than ready to have you inside me. you’ve adjusted my hips so you’ve perfect access to bury your throbbing cock deep inside of me and i am bucking in anticipation. you grip my hips and pull me against you and tell me to grind against you as you grip my tights and panties and pull them down and then off.
and then you’re inside of me, fast, hard and deep - moving and building a pace that has me steadily building a deep and pleasureable thrumming in my belly. just when i think i can’t possibly hold myself from cumming, your grip on my hips gets tighter and i can feel your release deep inside of me, then you tell me that i can cum and i release around you and you pull me backwards so i am resting on your chest as the little spoon and we both come down.

you unbind me. then run me a bubble bath with a big glittery bath bomb and make sure that i’m safe and cleaned up. then you wrap me in my big fluffy towel once i’m done and once you’re cleaned up- you take me to bed to make me sleep because i have to get up early for work. you crawl in next to me and stroke my hair and we whisper and chat silly things until we both go to sleep.... until the next time <3

Last updated September 05, 2019

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