TGIF in At the foot of the hill

  • Aug. 24, 2019, 5:32 a.m.
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TGIF everybody! What a week this has been.
We were scheduled for the upgrades in our apartment for Wednesday. New flooring in kitchen, bathroom and laundry closet and all new appliances: Washer/dryer, dishwasher, stove, microwave and refrigerator. The told us we needed to get stuff out of a few places so we started that process on Monday afternoon.
Well, ya’ know, some of those places needed a little cleaning under the “stuff”. I have to sit on a chair to get all the way back in the lower cupboards so I keep a folding chair in the kitchen between the pantry door and the frig. I had that sitting out and also a small step stool as I had to get stuff out of the cupboard above the microwave and on top of the frig. I saw that the top of the frig needed washed, and I was getting ready to do this, my wonderful husband decided to do that little chore for me.
Before I could stop him, he had pushed the folding chair over in front of the frig and began to climb (OMG!!) onto it.
Bad, bad idea.
He landed first on his hip. Wrenched his back. Pulled his groin. Skinned up his hand. And finally banged his head on the stove drawer....
He was eventually able to get himself over to the couch and upright. I wanted to call 911, but he wasn’t having that. He was, of course, fine....
Tuesday he was miserable. Still not wanting to go get checked out. Wednesday, though, bright and early, he was thinking maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea. The workers were to show up at 8:45 to take the old appliances out before the floor man got here at 9:00. We were in the ER a few minutes before seven.
Long story short: Nothing broken. Doc prescribed pain patches. We went out for breakfast and then to the pharmacy before coming home.
By 2:10, the job was finished and the workmen all gone! We have new shiny appliances (which I am trying to figure out) and updated floors. And a big mess with all the “stuff” that came out of those spaces and needs to be sorted, tossed, and/or put back where it came from.
I’m tired.

crystal butterfly August 24, 2019

Sure hope he doesn't need the pain patches long. I know most of my aches and pains are due to falling at one time or another.

MageB August 25, 2019

I like being renewed, but I am so sorry about Bob's fall.

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