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  • Aug. 18, 2019, 6:33 p.m.
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i started writing an entry a couple days ago, but i keep saving as a draft because i’m struggling to put words together coherently.

it’s sunday morning and i am on a bus to work, the sun had been out but the clouds have covered over now and everything’s grey. if it rains it’s okay, it would match part of my mood.

and let’s be honest i got distracted again/ and didn’t get to finish the morning entry lol. it’s now my evening commute home - it rained a bit but all while i was inside work! i took a last minute vacation day for tomorrow: the water folks may come to fix the shut off in the front yard and i will have the whole house to myself for 24 hours and i really could use a mental health day- my heads been crazy busy lately and only having a few hours off between shifts to commute-sleep-commute again is taking a bit of a toll.

first order of business tomorrow: a very long and hot bath! and then maybe i can finish that draft entry lol

hope everyone’s had a good sunday!

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