i needed a break in Everyday Things

  • Aug. 9, 2019, 10:53 p.m.
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and so i essentially just took a big time out from talkin to most people, viewing and posting on social media etc. i am semi back now…but i think this may be primarily where i will spend my online time and work on my writing etc… and of course posting things on the gram because i love me some instagram. i’ve essentially been in a bit of a moody mood and i appreciate y’all who left nice/encouraging comments on my last few entries - y’all are the real mvps!

today was my last day of work for the week- i surprisingly have this weekend off which makes 3 in a row: i feel like i’ve won a scheduling jackpot! i have zero plans but there is a carnival/fair around the corner from my house and maybe i will check it out. the humidity is finally breaking at night and the air is cooler- so i’m definitely ready to get some good sleep.

in recently learned that there is a Jurassic World game that’s much like Pokémon Go… and i’m a bit addicted to catching dinosaurs so there is also that!

i hope that everyone’s had a good week and that y’all have an excellent weekend!


blackpropaganda August 10, 2019

Great that you are getting back in the groove - hope you have a relaxing and restful weekend

ladyc blackpropaganda ⋅ August 10, 2019

thank you :)

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