morning thoughts in diary of a kitten

  • July 30, 2019, 2:17 p.m.
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this morning in my dreams you were the big spoon… i love when i’m the little spoon. you were being so gentle with me, a slow and building turn on. your hands and fingers were gently stroking and massaging my body and playing with my nipples, all while you were leaving trails of kisses from my hairline down across my shoulder blades. your warm body is pressed so close to mine i am intoxicated by your natural scent and i can feel your arousal pressing against my ass- and like the brat kitten i can be, i wiggle against you.
this makes you bring your hands back to my breasts and nipples and you begin slowly, but slightly more roughly, kneading them and pinching / stroking them to the point of cumming but you stop short. you whisper in my ear how much you want me as i reach back between us to stroke you, and i purr because i love to hear the quiet moans you make as my hand and fingers move over your engorged length. you slip two of your fingers inside my mouth and tell me to suck.. and i do- making them slick with saliva but i’m really wishing for you to fuck your kittens pretty mouth. you’ve got other plans though, and just as quickly you take your hand away and slide my legs open like scissor blades and put your fingers deep inside my already soaking pussy. and the feeling is devine, and i can already feel my orgasm coming and all i can do is just softly beg for you to make me cum. then i can feel you take my wetness and slide your fingers up to my ass and start massaging my rim and slip a finger in....and i can’t hold back anymore i start to cum hard as you’re exploring and fingering my ass. just as i think i can’t possibly cum anymore you replace your fingers in my ass with your big cock and start fucking me with long, deep strokes and we move in unison, over and over again until we both cum and you empty yourself deep inside my ass.
afterwards we continue to cuddle and make out and chat for a bit; then i get up and make you tea and breakfast in bed before we both have to start our days.

The Thirsty Oriental July 30, 2019

This was pleasant to read!

ladyc The Thirsty Oriental ⋅ July 30, 2019

i am happy you enjoyed it

Mad0220ilyn August 19, 2019

This is so beautifully written. Many people cannot portray what they mean and you do so wonderfully!!!!

ladyc Mad0220ilyn ⋅ August 19, 2019

thank you :)

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