Glorifying God in Answered Prayers

  • July 27, 2019, 11:55 p.m.
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Throughout this year, I prayed God would grant me the opportunity to show His greatness. I specifically prayed, “God, please give me the stage to glorify You. The bigger, the better. Every listening ear will hear of Your power and Your majesty and Your forgiveness and Your love. Just give me the stage, Lord, and Your name will sing out of me and all will know You as Lord of my life.”

Within 4 months of passionately praying for this (and feeling an effervescent thrill at the image of declaring God’s glory to the masses), a national recording artist from my hometown requested for singers to send in their video auditions for a gospel choir IN OUR CITY. This was a shock because nothing big ever happens in our city. Most artists don’t tour here.

Mine was one of 2,000 video submissions, but God made sure I was one of the 300 to receive a callback for a live audition. Out of those 300 people, I became a semi-finalist among 80 other singers and began to learn material for the choir. And today God secured my place in the final SIXTY-member choir.

This gospel choir will perform its first show at a beautiful, reputable venue only 20 days after its inception. It has plans to tour nationally (and possibly internationally) and the entire process from the very first audition has been carefully filmed for a docu-series TO AIR ON NETFLIX!

I asked God for a stage to glorify Him and He delivered the WORLD’S stage! Not only that, but I get to share in this edifying spiritual journey with the most gifted sisters and brothers, singing gorgeous praises to our merciful and unrivaled and glorious God!

Throughout the year I have also specifically prayed for God to align my will to His, and this has granted me MASSIVE OCEANS OF PEACE in the midst of financial hardship, physical afflictions, and the inexplicable and unjustified captivity of my devoted husband. Once I realized that I live to love and worship God, these earthly circumstances lost their hold on me, because God has continued to lift me up and be my hope through it all. He has made it blatantly clear that He never stopped loving, guiding, teaching and providing for me.

His light always overcomes the darkness. His mercy always washes the dirt away to reveal His desires which are greater and better than any human mind can fathom.

I serve a good God.

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